Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know, I am totally one of those people that would have this awesome Christmas picture card out to everyone in the world at least 7 days prior to the day.  However, I have never done this.  I thought about doing it after I got married, seemed like a milestone worth mentioning, and despite how fun and action packed those years were prior to kids I still didn’t find myself creating a card.  This year I even got some killer pictures of the family and still did not convince myself to create a collage with a holiday theme background and write a  recap of what everyone did this year.  I guess those that really want to know about the happenings within this entertaining household have already gotten the skinny on line so I am starting our official Blog It Card!

This 2011 was exciting!!

The boys didn’t learn how to potty train and the girls learned the word “mine”.  Brett and I are still married and still have 4 children.


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