Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas–ALL of them!

Brett got lasik on the 22nd of December.  I decided that night we were going to have our family Christmas.  The first present was flashlights.  Not the best gift hours after eye surgery.



We headed to Lanesboro on the 23rd.   We went to a tree farm on the 24th to pick up a Christmas tree.  An activity for the kids.  We thought it would be a good idea.

2011.12.24 Lamon Christmas

Didn’t realize that mom and dad no longer owned a tree stand so dad rigged one up.  The tree looked a little questionable, but they sure had fun decorating it.2011.12.24 Lamon Christmas_2

And of course there was presents!

2011.12.24 Lamon Christmas_3

We made it back to the cities for a Polson gathering on the 26th and Scott Christmas on the 28th!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know, I am totally one of those people that would have this awesome Christmas picture card out to everyone in the world at least 7 days prior to the day.  However, I have never done this.  I thought about doing it after I got married, seemed like a milestone worth mentioning, and despite how fun and action packed those years were prior to kids I still didn’t find myself creating a card.  This year I even got some killer pictures of the family and still did not convince myself to create a collage with a holiday theme background and write a  recap of what everyone did this year.  I guess those that really want to know about the happenings within this entertaining household have already gotten the skinny on line so I am starting our official Blog It Card!

This 2011 was exciting!!

The boys didn’t learn how to potty train and the girls learned the word “mine”.  Brett and I are still married and still have 4 children.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Swimming Lessons Second Round

Brett signed both the girls and boys up for another round of swim lessons at the Y.  Girls went first and the boys went to Kid’s Stuff.  Then we got the girls out, changed, and dried ourselves off and switched to the boys.  It worked.  The girls in swim lessons sometimes felt like a punishment to us.  Melissa the swim instructor essentially said that swim lessons for kids that young is really just training for parents.  Clearly our girls are not afraid of the water.  They cried because they wanted to do what they wanted to do and spent most of the 30 minutes climbing out the edge.  We are not enrolling them in swim lessons next round.


Action shots…





Thanks Melissa!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

KPT–Christmas Program

Today was the last KPT day until the new year.  Their finale was a program with singing.  The boys didn’t do too much singing, but I was happy they didn’t pull their shirt up, sit down, or run away.  Luckily Nanny Sarah came to help wrangle children so I could take pictures and videos for Brett.  Bennett is in the front with the blue sweater and Ethan is behind him.


The kids are cute, but really E and B didn’t do much but stand there.

The girls are in the Yellow Ducks class and the boys in the Red Rabbits.  They have wonderful teachers that care for them.  These ladies are my heroes on Thursdays!  And here is why:

Dearest Alisa, Andrea, AnneMarie, and Amy- December 15, 2011

A letter of appreciation to the extraordinary KPT teachers of my PairSquared clan. I am sure that I could of put together a little holiday mug filled with chocolate kisses, but let’s be honest I don’t get out of the house often. Amazon delivers frequently to my house. And maybe this note will be more memorable than the blur of this mom zipping in and out of the church. Yes, I know that I am one of the first to drop off and one of the last to exit the church, but wouldn’t you be too if you had the opportunity to unload 4 kids for a few hours? I am sure that there are many reasons that you elected to be a KPT teacher (I’m sure one of them is not the pay in poopy diapers) but I am going to continue to believe that it is for me! Curious, what I do when the 4 of them are in your care? Well, I will tell you….I go to a store without anyone staring at me, I eat lunch in the quiet, I can hear the TV (guilty, I do watch Days of Our Lives), I sew without the frequent break to settle a dispute over a toy, I prepare dinner without the girls pulling out all my pyrex from the pantry and utensils from the drawer, I pretend like life is easy even if it is just for that moment. 2:00pm comes fast on these days. I am exhausted after putting on the 8 socks and shoes, 4 jackets, 4 hats, and remember the 2 blankets. I sometimes wonder if all this work is worth it. Well it is. I leave the church more relaxed and like I am on top of the world!

All four of you have been so good to my kids. Learning their differences and what features identifies each child. Sorry I didn’t make it easy on you with the twin thing. I know that you love doing what you do and love the children. I’m don’t always remember everything, like tuition and the day the boys were supposed to wear red (you can probably just count us out for PJ day). It isn’t always perfect, like when you run out of diapers and I cross my fingers at pick up that the only biting the kids did was their sibling. Thursdays is not only a day that I look forward to, but I know that they do as well. And that is what counts.

So for whatever reason you work as a KPT teacher, thanks for doing it for me!

Your PairSquared Mom,


I really enjoy seeing their artwork and today I got to pick up gifts that they made for me.  4 ornaments with their pictures!  Alisa and Andrea, I know that it is not by mistake that Jocelyn has a purple ornament and Aaliyah’s is pink. 


Just so you ladies know, I hung them proudly today!


And their pictures right before nap time!




Thank you Peace Church and all the KPT teachers.  My kids are happy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Pictures with ATP

Here are just  a few that I picked to show off.  There are a lot of good ones!









And of course she got a great picture of all 4. 


A family picture you ask?  Nailed it!


This winter Annie Torrini Photography got a studio so this is where we had all our pictures taken.  She did a photo shoot for PairSquared Designs too.  I’ll show them off soon!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The girls 18 month stats

From the doctor’s report:



Weight = 24lbs 8 oz – 54%

Length = 32.5 inches – 75%










Weight = 21lbs 8 oz – 12%

Length = 32inches – 62%









The girls mostly fight over blankets but they do love each other.  Sometimes you will find them giving each other a toy or blankie.  They do share on occasion.


Great video I got of them yesterday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

YMCA–Swimming Lessons

Ethan and Bennett started swim lessons this fall. We got a membership at the Y. It is clear that they love to play and jump in the zero entry level, but getting them to swim was a little different story. It started kind of like this…


But with a great swim instructor (Melissa), 2 parents, and one uncle we have gotten to this…

IMG_6168_boys in tubes


We are almost at the end of round 2 swim lessons. We also enrolled the girls. The fear of water does not live within them either. I feel like there tends to be a lot of screaming and hitting. Thank to Melissa. She is a sweet heart and really understanding of children.

Here is a video of the boys after they finally got that they could get around the pool on their own in the black tubes.  It is kind of long.

Thanks to Bruce for going their last day and taking pictures for us!