Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Ladies are now 18 months old

We made it!  Aaliyah and Jocelyn hit the 18 month mark this month.  These ladies are a hoot.  I think a more accurate way to describe them would be spit fires.  After Brett watched Aaliyah hit Jocelyn, pull her hair, and then head butt her he believes that she has a future in the UFC.  We are blessed to have adorable, sweet, and often times dramatic girls.  They have beaten Bennett’s record for time outs in one day and still make us laugh.  Seriously look at those smiles.  I can sense you smiling right now.

















So I need to document how much the girls are talking.  A short list of words from the girls, mostly Aaliyah. 

1. Caillou On  2. Milk  3. Up Please  4. Apple  5. Ball  6. Jackson  7. Baby  8. Nose  9. Mouth              10. Blankie  11. Monkey  12. Doggie  13. Water  14. Hi  15. Bye  16. Cheese  17. Mommy  18. Daddy  19. Bubble  20. Hot

I love you girls!

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