Monday, November 14, 2011

Potty Training–Day #1…….FINALLY OVER!

Two little 2 year olds hanging out on the froggie potty chairs.  Yeah, it looks cute but trust me today was no picnic! 


It went something like this….ok, boys today we are going to wear underwear instead of a diaper [Insert temper tantrum here].  But look there is Thomas and Diego on your underwear [Insert Ethan asking for Lighting McQueen and Finn McMissle].  Bennett didn’t even make it downstairs to breakfast without going pee in his pants first.  Change underwear #1.  After breakfast  they sat on the potties watching Diego.  Play time upstairs, Bennett came down and said “dirty pants”.  Put him on the potty which doesn’t make any sense since he already went poop.  Change underwear #2.  Ethan came downstairs dirty pants.  Sit on the potty, again not sure why.  Change underwear #3.  Everyone upstairs to play with Geotrax.  I sat on the floor to set up a killer track and found where Bennett must have been located when he took his first pee.  Not really sure what I was thinking about not going to look for the wet spot.  In the AM change underwear #4 to #8 must of happened.  After lunch, I was feeding Jackson and heard the boys laughing in the dining room.  Turned around to find Ethan standing in a puddle of pee and Bennett jumping into the puddle like it had just rained.  Underwear change #9 (and shirt change).  The boys managed to take underwear change #10, #11, and #12 with small poops.  I caught them mid grunt and got them on the potty asap.  They probably spent their whole afternoon on the potty.  Time for their nap.  I decided to call the diaper a “nap time diaper” hopefully to differentiate between a normal diaper and a diaper just for nap time.  It couldn’t of been more than 10 minutes after I changed Ethan that I caught him in the corner finishing the duty he started earlier in the day.  Put him back on the potty for 30 minutes.  Pretty sure that Ethan knew exactly what he was doing.  He held the poop until I put the diaper on him.  After afternoon nap I didn’t even bother with underwear.  I had already ran my washing machine twice.  The thing that sucks the most is that they did not even go once in the potty.  On my floor, yes but not on the adorable green frog.


Ethan/Bennett = 12 (diaper changes)

Mommy = zero of anything in the potty

    This potty chair design might not be in my favor…

Potty training is not going to be easy.


Kristin Schultes said...
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Kristin Schultes said...

So thankful that I'm not the only one struggling in this area!!! Good luck!

Aunt M said...

OMG - this is too funny (I am sure not for you!) Looking forward to day #2 post!