Sunday, November 27, 2011

Potty Training–Round 2

I am going to give you a sum up of potty training – round 2.  It took place Monday through Wednesday this last week.  Thanksgiving couldn’t come fast enough.  For 3 days I lived my life in 20 minute increments: 15 minutes off the toilet, 5 minutes on the toilet.  We tried this very consistently for all waking hours of the day.  The toilets were moved to the bathroom, nothing was worn from waist down, and the treat basket and toy prizes were significantly beefed up.  Brett asked me on Monday night if I had really done this by myself for 3 days prior to this week.  He thought it was exhausting so after 6 days of it I was prepared to give up electricity to have more money to invest into diapers.  To say the least we did not have full success (my Aunt busted me on a FB picture).  We had a few successes and I am truly convinced they know how to hold it.  Back to diapers for now and we will try again in a month, mid December sounds good.  Maybe it will be my Christmas present from the boys. 


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