Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potty Training–Day #3

Not going to lie, I am still glad that today is over as well.  I made it to lunch time with only 4 underwear changes and then it all broke lose.  So I quit after lunch and made them try one more time before their nap.  I again did get a few tinkles in the potty today, but nothing of the brownish color.  Without going into to much detail about Ethan’s BM issues, I think there might be something going on that is against my odds of successful potty training.  Never fear Miralax is working on this issue.  Before bed time we got one more success and then I put on their “night time diaper”.  I am not ultimately disappointed with today.  You probably wouldn’t believe that I never really checked into how you actually potty train a child until today.  “They” say that twins are not necessarily more difficult but take more attention and there are way more accidents (obviously!).  The recommendation was to have 409 on hand.  But ultimately I got the general statement that “all children are different and train differently”!  So I guess I just need to figure out what method is Ethan/Bennett’s method.  I am thinking of going with more bribery.  Apparantly fruit snacks are not a short commodity around here.  The next 2 days is daycare for the boys so I am thinking that the daycares won’t be interested in catering to the boys potty needs right now.  Back to diapers for the moment.  Probably looking at starting it up again on Monday.  Initially I decided to go to underwear right away so I am thinking that next week we may go nothing on the bottom half and shorter frequent stops on the potty.  My spirits are not broken…but my washing machine smells like poop and my hands are chapped from washing them so much.

I am not going to bore you with yet another picture of the boys on their frogs.  But there was a pretty funny video I got today.  Enjoy!

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Karen said...

I just went through this two months ago with my 2 1/2 year old son. It was SO frustrating for the first whole week, so hang in there. I did naked on the bottom for the first few days and that seemed to help make the connection. Bribes helped, too, like a gummy bear or M&M each time he went. Good luck! They can do it!

Karen Johnson (PT at Children's)