Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Potty Training–Day #2

I am sitting here trying to decide how today went.  I know it didn’t go better than yesterday so now I just need to figure out if it was worse than yesterday.  I guess overall I had less dirty underwear and actually saw mellow yellow  in the frog potty chair.  If the load of laundry tells the truth there was 9 pairs of underwear so 9 changes today.  A couple of times I did put a diaper over the underwear to limit a few clean ups.  It was shocking how they could spend 45 minutes on the potty and then get off and within 10 minutes they were going.  This makes me feel like they know what they are doing.


It is a balancing act of not getting upset and frustrated when they go in their underpants to prevent this experience from being negative.  But when you only get to do the potty dance 3 times a day it is difficult to be positive the whole day.  I seriously stocked Ethan for an hour because I knew he was going to go and when I turned my head for a moment the puddle was already there.  I’m not giving up yet.  I think they can do it, but I may not be able to keep up with this pace.  There might be a break in my future.

We had a dress change today.  Not for good reasons.


I know it seems kind of odd when I say the boys sat on the potty for 45 minutes. As you can see in the background I don’t do it on my own.


So what are the chances of the girls potty training before the boys?


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