Sunday, November 27, 2011

Potty Training–Round 2

I am going to give you a sum up of potty training – round 2.  It took place Monday through Wednesday this last week.  Thanksgiving couldn’t come fast enough.  For 3 days I lived my life in 20 minute increments: 15 minutes off the toilet, 5 minutes on the toilet.  We tried this very consistently for all waking hours of the day.  The toilets were moved to the bathroom, nothing was worn from waist down, and the treat basket and toy prizes were significantly beefed up.  Brett asked me on Monday night if I had really done this by myself for 3 days prior to this week.  He thought it was exhausting so after 6 days of it I was prepared to give up electricity to have more money to invest into diapers.  To say the least we did not have full success (my Aunt busted me on a FB picture).  We had a few successes and I am truly convinced they know how to hold it.  Back to diapers for now and we will try again in a month, mid December sounds good.  Maybe it will be my Christmas present from the boys. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Boys are Thankful For…

This was the boys craft at KPT last week. 

Apparently Ethan forgot that Mommy and Daddy put a roof over his head. 

I get the pizza and cozy coupe, but “rocks” and “rabbits”???



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potty Training–Day #3

Not going to lie, I am still glad that today is over as well.  I made it to lunch time with only 4 underwear changes and then it all broke lose.  So I quit after lunch and made them try one more time before their nap.  I again did get a few tinkles in the potty today, but nothing of the brownish color.  Without going into to much detail about Ethan’s BM issues, I think there might be something going on that is against my odds of successful potty training.  Never fear Miralax is working on this issue.  Before bed time we got one more success and then I put on their “night time diaper”.  I am not ultimately disappointed with today.  You probably wouldn’t believe that I never really checked into how you actually potty train a child until today.  “They” say that twins are not necessarily more difficult but take more attention and there are way more accidents (obviously!).  The recommendation was to have 409 on hand.  But ultimately I got the general statement that “all children are different and train differently”!  So I guess I just need to figure out what method is Ethan/Bennett’s method.  I am thinking of going with more bribery.  Apparantly fruit snacks are not a short commodity around here.  The next 2 days is daycare for the boys so I am thinking that the daycares won’t be interested in catering to the boys potty needs right now.  Back to diapers for the moment.  Probably looking at starting it up again on Monday.  Initially I decided to go to underwear right away so I am thinking that next week we may go nothing on the bottom half and shorter frequent stops on the potty.  My spirits are not broken…but my washing machine smells like poop and my hands are chapped from washing them so much.

I am not going to bore you with yet another picture of the boys on their frogs.  But there was a pretty funny video I got today.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Potty Training–Day #2

I am sitting here trying to decide how today went.  I know it didn’t go better than yesterday so now I just need to figure out if it was worse than yesterday.  I guess overall I had less dirty underwear and actually saw mellow yellow  in the frog potty chair.  If the load of laundry tells the truth there was 9 pairs of underwear so 9 changes today.  A couple of times I did put a diaper over the underwear to limit a few clean ups.  It was shocking how they could spend 45 minutes on the potty and then get off and within 10 minutes they were going.  This makes me feel like they know what they are doing.


It is a balancing act of not getting upset and frustrated when they go in their underpants to prevent this experience from being negative.  But when you only get to do the potty dance 3 times a day it is difficult to be positive the whole day.  I seriously stocked Ethan for an hour because I knew he was going to go and when I turned my head for a moment the puddle was already there.  I’m not giving up yet.  I think they can do it, but I may not be able to keep up with this pace.  There might be a break in my future.

We had a dress change today.  Not for good reasons.


I know it seems kind of odd when I say the boys sat on the potty for 45 minutes. As you can see in the background I don’t do it on my own.


So what are the chances of the girls potty training before the boys?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Ladies are now 18 months old

We made it!  Aaliyah and Jocelyn hit the 18 month mark this month.  These ladies are a hoot.  I think a more accurate way to describe them would be spit fires.  After Brett watched Aaliyah hit Jocelyn, pull her hair, and then head butt her he believes that she has a future in the UFC.  We are blessed to have adorable, sweet, and often times dramatic girls.  They have beaten Bennett’s record for time outs in one day and still make us laugh.  Seriously look at those smiles.  I can sense you smiling right now.

















So I need to document how much the girls are talking.  A short list of words from the girls, mostly Aaliyah. 

1. Caillou On  2. Milk  3. Up Please  4. Apple  5. Ball  6. Jackson  7. Baby  8. Nose  9. Mouth              10. Blankie  11. Monkey  12. Doggie  13. Water  14. Hi  15. Bye  16. Cheese  17. Mommy  18. Daddy  19. Bubble  20. Hot

I love you girls!

Potty Training–Day #1…….FINALLY OVER!

Two little 2 year olds hanging out on the froggie potty chairs.  Yeah, it looks cute but trust me today was no picnic! 


It went something like this….ok, boys today we are going to wear underwear instead of a diaper [Insert temper tantrum here].  But look there is Thomas and Diego on your underwear [Insert Ethan asking for Lighting McQueen and Finn McMissle].  Bennett didn’t even make it downstairs to breakfast without going pee in his pants first.  Change underwear #1.  After breakfast  they sat on the potties watching Diego.  Play time upstairs, Bennett came down and said “dirty pants”.  Put him on the potty which doesn’t make any sense since he already went poop.  Change underwear #2.  Ethan came downstairs dirty pants.  Sit on the potty, again not sure why.  Change underwear #3.  Everyone upstairs to play with Geotrax.  I sat on the floor to set up a killer track and found where Bennett must have been located when he took his first pee.  Not really sure what I was thinking about not going to look for the wet spot.  In the AM change underwear #4 to #8 must of happened.  After lunch, I was feeding Jackson and heard the boys laughing in the dining room.  Turned around to find Ethan standing in a puddle of pee and Bennett jumping into the puddle like it had just rained.  Underwear change #9 (and shirt change).  The boys managed to take underwear change #10, #11, and #12 with small poops.  I caught them mid grunt and got them on the potty asap.  They probably spent their whole afternoon on the potty.  Time for their nap.  I decided to call the diaper a “nap time diaper” hopefully to differentiate between a normal diaper and a diaper just for nap time.  It couldn’t of been more than 10 minutes after I changed Ethan that I caught him in the corner finishing the duty he started earlier in the day.  Put him back on the potty for 30 minutes.  Pretty sure that Ethan knew exactly what he was doing.  He held the poop until I put the diaper on him.  After afternoon nap I didn’t even bother with underwear.  I had already ran my washing machine twice.  The thing that sucks the most is that they did not even go once in the potty.  On my floor, yes but not on the adorable green frog.


Ethan/Bennett = 12 (diaper changes)

Mommy = zero of anything in the potty

    This potty chair design might not be in my favor…

Potty training is not going to be easy.

Playing on what use to be my nice couch

This is how I wear them out so that they will take naps in the afternoon.  Watch how Ethan can’t get over so Bennett comes to his rescue.  Kind of long video feel free to cut it short.

I probably pick up the couch cushions 8 times a day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your morning crack…

You have been warned!!

Don’t leave Jocelyn alone in just her diaper. 


Another picture for the wedding reception slide show.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At least he is reading

Bennett found a comfy spot in the sunlight to read a nice book.


Food on the Floor

Remember how I said I sometimes get sick of cleaning up the floor after mealtime.  Jocelyn must of heard me…


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boring? I think not…

Just a regular day at lunch time.  They were playing peek a boo through their legs.DSC_9115

Yes they are still in their pj’s.  It only took me about 4 weeks before I stopped putting clothes on  them every day (sorry Nanny Molly and Nanny Sarah).  Sometimes I take off the old pj’s and put on a clean pair of pj’s in the morning.  Don’t judge me.