Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Oops

We are pretty steady with activity in this house.  Saturday was jammed packed.  I worked in the AM at Children’s, went straight to the YMCA to meet Brett and kids for swim lessons, and then went home to get ready for a wedding that we attended that evening.

First was swim lessons.  We were at the Y and of course needed to get home.  Loaded the girls in the truck, boys opted for the van since it has the video player.  Jocelyn was buckled in and I moved to Aaliyah.  She grabbed my keys from my wrist and I finished buckling her in.  I didn’t grab back my keys and that was the mistake.  I shut her door and ‘Click’ the doors locked.  She pressed the lock button on the key fob.  Of course it was the one time that Brett didn’t have his set of keys.  So we spent the next several minutes yelling at a 1 year old to press the other button.  Of course the unlock button was 3 times as small.  We were doomed.  She kept pushing the lock button to make the clicking and beeping noise.  Aaliyah laughed at us as we scrambled to grab a door knob after each click hoping that she would have somehow hit the smaller button.  Pretty sure she was mocking us.


She finally did it and luckily we made it to the wedding on time, but it wasn’t all really that easy.

For most events we scramble to get everyone put together in addition to trying to make ourselves presentable.  Kids are usually hauled off to the van quickly and bags passed through the front door to be loaded.  We made it downtown.  It wasn’t until we pulled up to the valet that we opened the side van doors to discover that both boys were missing shoes.  The assumption was that since Brett loaded them he put shoes on them and that since we were running behind I grabbed the shoes and placed them in the diaper bag.  The valet was not amused with our martial argument in the parking lot.  And for the most part unloading 2 toddlers via the hatchback is not that big of a deal unless you top it off with bickering.  The wedding was super kid friendly and there was a twister game for the kids so we decided to tell people that we didn’t forget their shoes, they were just playing twister.  Really thank goodness for open bar prior to the ceremony!  Events played out, our kids cried through the ceremony, they wanted to eat their dinner on our laps, we lost them a few times (one time I found Ethan under the buffet table).  I was only 4 people behind Jocelyn as she was heading out to the balcony, but I could hear the quiet whispers of, “who’s kid is that? and where are her parents?”  I quickly swooped her up before she fled through the balcony door and said, “don’t worry we have 3 more.”  I again blame it on the open bar.  SO now we are texting Nanny Sarah and David to come pick up these kids and of course bring me a change of clothes since I had chicken grease all over my silk dress.  We sent them off with sippy cups in hand and returned to the party.  The rest is history!

You know moments like these really flood the gates of communication.  After handing off our kids at the wedding we spent at least the next 30 minutes discussing what we will do next time when we take our family out for events.  Even though I know the answers are: 1. Brett if you take the kids to the car put their shoes on 2. If you only have one child in your arms then chances are that your wife has the other 3 and could use help 3. Balcony’s are a safety risk for our 1 year old that can squeeze through anything.  But our training has taught us that we talk through the feelings and try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.  No assumptions!  You will be happy to know that this discussion had positive outcome so I guess bring on the next wedding! 

Congratulations Brian and Heather!  

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