Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Albuquerque, New Mexico–2011 Balloon Fiesta (not festival)

At the beginning of this month we were able to go to New Mexico to visit are friends Eva, Dale, Coen, and baby Drew.  We just took Ethan and Bennett so thanks to Sandy, Mom, and Kelly for helping with the girls.  The last time we were there was in October 2009, the boys were 6 months old.  We attempted to go to the balloon fiesta, but traffic was horrific.  We were lucky to come home with H1N1.  I won’t forget that illness for sure.

So this year we were determined to go.  Eva and Dale came up with a plan which included 4 children, 2 trailers, and a few coolers.  We loaded up on Saturday and headed down to the RV park of the balloon fiesta.

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip 

Brett entertained the boys…

We made it to our site and later that night headed down to the fiesta for the balloon glow.  We will not talk about Brett’s 1/2 mile run to catch the bus and leaving the group to manage 3 toddlers, 3 strollers, and a baby without him.  I am letting it go…now.

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_2

Getty the balloons ready…2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_3

Before the glow…

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_4

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_5

The balloon glow…


2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_11

The next morning we got the knock on our trailer at 5:30am to get ready to head back down for mass ascension.  Hundreds of balloons take flight in waves in the morning.  It was spectacular. 

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_6

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_8

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_10


2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_7


This was as good as the picture got of the three of them.

DSC_8692_3 boys

Other activities for the trip were…

~Science Museum

~Bounce House


~Smoking brisket

~Nap time

~Pizza and Play-Doh

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_12

2011.10.01 New Mexico Trip_13

It was a great vacation and of course wonderful to see friends.  Thanks Dale and Eva for inviting us into your house, letting our children destroy Coen’s toys, escorting us around Albuquerque, and showing us a good time.  You are truly amazing and irreplaceable friends.  Love.


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