Sunday, September 11, 2011

So long dressy clothes, hello yoga pants

Last week was my first official week on the “new job”!  I can honestly say that I don’t want to pull my hair out….yet. 

Do I miss working…YES, the answer is yes.  I think what I miss more is Children’s, the volunteers, and my co-workers.  When I told people that I was going to spend more time at home with my family, they commented that they didn’t even understand why I stuck around the past 3 years.  I know why…because I enjoyed my job, my co-workers, the volunteers, and my supervisor.  I sometimes wish that I didn’t like any of those things so that this decision would have been easier.  Ode to my friends at Children’s Volunteer Services…

VS Staff 

Ben – Ben and I are the “seniors” of the group.  I was honored that I got to interview Ben 5 years ago.  I have lots of respect for Ben’s ability to bring a Human Resources perspective to situations and think realistically.  His friendship had an impact on me and will never be forgotten.

Lisa – My St. Paul partner in crime.  We actually spent more waking hours with each other than we did with our spouses.  Nothing got by each other without the other one knowing.  Maybe we listened in to a few phone conversations but we were bound to spill it to each other.  Lisa has a great spirit and fun personality.  Couldn’t of picked a better person to spend the last 3 years with in tight quarters.

JB – She always reminds me of sparkles!  Jenna reminded me that dreams can be powerful things.  It was never a bad day when Jenna picked up the phone across the river to chat about the multiple projects that we partnered on or to get an English majors opinion.  I feel that I became a better co-worker and team player because of her.

Dave – VP of HR and an outstanding person.  It is an honor to be a part of Children's and the Human Resources department. 

Sandy B. – My fearless leader!  Talk about reasons to love your job…she came in at the top!  As you know I am pretty type A, so taming this control freak is not little task.  Sandy has taught me many valuable lessons of being flexible.  I do feel different than when I first started.  Maybe a little bit more understanding, go with the flow, and that things are not always as they seem.  I would say that one of my favorite lessons was watching how Sandy could put herself in others shoes so that she could get perspective on situations.  I respect her as a leader of volunteerism and as a supervisor.  She is a role model and asset to one heck of a volunteer program at Children’s.  I believe that I am better since I was given the opportunity to serve on Sandy’s team.

Children’s don’t forget about me!  Until I return, take care and take care of those children.

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Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm just reading this post now, and all I can say is that the feeling is SO mutual! You have had such an impact on my life, both personally and profesionally, and I know that I have also become a better team player & co-worker because of YOU! <3

Love you! XOXO!