Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good, gross, and 1-800-222-1222(Poison Control)

The gross first….

Well, Aaliyah and Jocelyn’s new thing is to take their clothes off.  I have a niece that is more commonly seen without pants then with them on so I am sure one sister is going to appreciate this story.  Kelly (middle sister) use to share this story about when Emilee came into their bed in the middle of the night and took off her diaper.  They woke to a strong stench of poop.  It was a belly laughing story and she could barely get through the story without making dry heave noises.  That smell will never escape her.  So I had one of one own…I entered the kids room and Aaliyah had her pajamas off and only a diaper on.  After changing her I moved to Jocelyn.  I offered to get Ethan or Bennett first and they said, “Jocelyn next!”  So kind.  So I noticed Jocelyn’s pants were off, but her shirt was on.  She is still a little petite so shirts do come down far.  It didn’t take longer than me lifting her out of the crib that I knew this was not going to be good.  Yup, she got her diaper off, but not before she used the facilities.  There were little brown poop foot prints all around her bed and on her blankets.  The poop ranged from caked on her feet to spots on her forehead.  Any morning that starts with an unplanned bath and 3 loads of laundry can’t be a good one.  Every tried to get poop out from under a child’s fingernails? 

DSC_8193 DSC_8194

I shared the number for Poison Control with everyone in my subject line because I guess you are just never going to know when you need it.  It was last week when I talked to a nice poison control response operator named Tom.  It all started with the girls making their way downstairs with a once full bottle of infant ibuprofen.  One was sucking on the cap and the other one sucking on the bottle.  Child proof cap meet my daughters.  I am not surprised because they are smart and Jocelyn is an escape artist.  I will give you a visual without you having to actually hear the loud crying of what proceeded for the next 25 minutes.  I just finished feeding little J.  The girls came downstairs and I discovered the empty bottle and cap in their little hands.  I took the bottle and cap away and the girls proceeded to cry and through a fit.  I called mother in law who advised me to call the professionals at Poison Control.  At this point, I have one girl in my arms crying as the other one is latched to my leg crying.  I hear Tom on the other end of the phone line.  I am trying to explain what happened when Jackson decided that he wanted attention too.  So now I had one girl and Jackson in my arms, little girl on my leg and talking to Tom on the phone.  I hear a beep….beep…oh yes call waiting, Brett was trying to call as Tom was asking me what kind of bottle it was and how much may have been left in it.  Beep….beep….I hit ignore on the phone, Brett will have to wait.  Back to Tom, “mam, they should be fine and might just get an upset stomache.  Just give them….”  Jackson in one arm, little girl in other arm, little girl grasping at legs, and my eyes turn to the stairs to watch Bennett biff it face first down the stairs.  Bennett laid there crying as Tom advised me to give the girls milk and a snack and watch them the rest of the night.  Thanks Poison Control, like I didn’t already have some things to do.  Good news, Aaliyah and Jocelyn are healthy and happy, but boy did they sleep good for nap time that day.

And the good


Hanging out with the cutest kids ever!  We are surviving.  Not going to lie, I hate wiping up my floor after ever meal and I don’t mind doing laundry, but boy do I hate folding it.  Just the price I pay to read books, go outside and swing, and cuddle anytime I want to during the hours of 8-5.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 Months Old

Aaliyah and Jocelyn turned 15 months.  Here are the stats:





Aaliyah Lamon Scott

Weight: 23 lbs 2 oz – 55%

Length: 31.5 inches – 80%

Head: 18.5 inches – 80%








Jocelyn Lamon Scott

Weight: 20 lbs 9 oz – 16%

Length: 30.75 inches – 60%

Head: 18 inches – 44%

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zoo Keeper

So now that I got done with my farewell to my working team, I am saying hello to endless tears, poopy diapers, time outs, and melt downs.  And let’s not forget the real reason that I do it, but for the smiles when I walk into the kids room in the morning, the “thank-you mommy’s”, teaching numbers, and the boo boos that I get to kiss because I have the chance to be home.

I am excited to say that I am home with my children and to announce the opening of PairSquared Care.  Here they are!


Nope, I did not have a 5th child.  Most people don’t actually know this, but I added a 5th to the PairSquared Zoo.  His name is Jackson and he is the cutest monkey on the block.  Jackson is the son of our best friends Mike and Kristie and I have the honor of taking care of him while his parents are working.  He is 4 months old and survived his first week with us.  Despite the blow outs and the large amounts of spit up, I am enjoying my time having a baby around.  I say that only because I am not the one that has to get up in the middle of the night.  Jackson is really a very good baby and the kids like him.  Ethan and Bennett are sure to point out baby Jackson to me.  Jackson is sure to be a good buddy of the PairSquared crew. 

Welcome little J!

So long dressy clothes, hello yoga pants

Last week was my first official week on the “new job”!  I can honestly say that I don’t want to pull my hair out….yet. 

Do I miss working…YES, the answer is yes.  I think what I miss more is Children’s, the volunteers, and my co-workers.  When I told people that I was going to spend more time at home with my family, they commented that they didn’t even understand why I stuck around the past 3 years.  I know why…because I enjoyed my job, my co-workers, the volunteers, and my supervisor.  I sometimes wish that I didn’t like any of those things so that this decision would have been easier.  Ode to my friends at Children’s Volunteer Services…

VS Staff 

Ben – Ben and I are the “seniors” of the group.  I was honored that I got to interview Ben 5 years ago.  I have lots of respect for Ben’s ability to bring a Human Resources perspective to situations and think realistically.  His friendship had an impact on me and will never be forgotten.

Lisa – My St. Paul partner in crime.  We actually spent more waking hours with each other than we did with our spouses.  Nothing got by each other without the other one knowing.  Maybe we listened in to a few phone conversations but we were bound to spill it to each other.  Lisa has a great spirit and fun personality.  Couldn’t of picked a better person to spend the last 3 years with in tight quarters.

JB – She always reminds me of sparkles!  Jenna reminded me that dreams can be powerful things.  It was never a bad day when Jenna picked up the phone across the river to chat about the multiple projects that we partnered on or to get an English majors opinion.  I feel that I became a better co-worker and team player because of her.

Dave – VP of HR and an outstanding person.  It is an honor to be a part of Children's and the Human Resources department. 

Sandy B. – My fearless leader!  Talk about reasons to love your job…she came in at the top!  As you know I am pretty type A, so taming this control freak is not little task.  Sandy has taught me many valuable lessons of being flexible.  I do feel different than when I first started.  Maybe a little bit more understanding, go with the flow, and that things are not always as they seem.  I would say that one of my favorite lessons was watching how Sandy could put herself in others shoes so that she could get perspective on situations.  I respect her as a leader of volunteerism and as a supervisor.  She is a role model and asset to one heck of a volunteer program at Children’s.  I believe that I am better since I was given the opportunity to serve on Sandy’s team.

Children’s don’t forget about me!  Until I return, take care and take care of those children.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lane Loudy turned 2!

Lane is Ethan and Bennett’s buddy.  He is pretty stickin’ cute!