Thursday, August 4, 2011

Events from the last three weeks

I am still here.  We have been in and out and around.  I had to go back to my calendar to remember what has all happened.  I will give the recap.

My last post was July 21st, so that brings us to the weekend. 

Saturday, July 23rd we hung out with Jackson as his parents enjoyed some U2.


Sunday, July 24th we went to the MN Zoo with Charlie, Meaghan, Billy, and Thomas.  Our favorite part was the farm where we got to feed the goats.



Tuesday, July 26th was volleyball night at Fitz’s.  Brett and I both got to play.  Thanks Brian for watching the kids!

Thursday, July 28th my day home with the kids.  This day all the volleyball babies hung out.  Friends, Bret and Pam moved into a new house in Apple Valley so Kristie and I watched all the kids so she could get some work done.  The picture of their new house is below.  Earlier that week I went over to see it for the first time.  It only took me 9 minutes to get there!


These were the best pictures of all of them.  Pace cooperated the best!



Pace and Jackson had lots of play time.


And they all took naps!


Friday, July 29th PairSquared slip up.  Brett biked to work this day and they took the long route home so he was not up for much.  The boys and I had went for a bike ride and stopped at the park.



I tried to get them to climb the wall.


When we got home we spent some time playing with the neighbors.  They found an old waterski rope.

Saturday, July 30th…in the morning we went swimming with Brian’s family.  It was the perfect day and I think that everyone will enjoyed the water.




That night we had a BBQ at the Loudy’s new house.  Our neighbor made jalepano poppers the night before on the grill so we tried them out ourselves.  They were a hit.  After bedtime the adults got to play some combined board games thanks to BLoudy.  And even later in the night we taught P and B Loudy how to play 500. 








Sunday, July 31st…we made it to church, ran some errands, and kids had long naps.  We spent the rest of the night at home.

This past week has been a busy one at work.  There is more to come on that in the next post.  This morning we made it to the park and are winding down for naps.





The house is quiet.  Excuse me for a few…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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