Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lamon Family Vacation–Hill City, MN

Thanks again to the Christensen family for allowing us to vacation on beautiful Hill Lake.  This year was far better for me than last.  The weather was perfect and the boat had plenty of gas.


Sister Colleen!


She was a life saver and helped us lots.  She even helped the kids get down for their naps (she may have snuck in her own!).  Colleen was creative with a transportation device for the girls, grandma’s walker.  Wasn’t the easiest thing to maneuver on the rock, but they enjoyed the ride.


She also created a little pool entertainment using a cooler.


Sister Kelly!


Kitchen master!  She always does a lot of cooking on these vacations.  It does not go unnoticed.  Prior to vacation, she had watched a documentary called Food Inc.  I was told that I would never eat Tyson chicken again if I watch it.  She also was reading a book called Food Rules which is not in my possession.  There was lots of food talks. 

She was not always happy to see me with the camera, but I can assure you that when she reads this and sees the memories that I have captured she will smile!


Mommy Cheryl!


The peach pie was so delicious!  Thanks to mom I got to return home with a little sun and one run on the wake board.  This year she brought her sewing machine so it kept her and Grandma busy.




She made it down to the beach several days to watch the little ones play in the sand.  She had one ride on the pontoon where Paul showed us a secret lake.  We are blessed that yet again she was able to join us for a week at the cabin.

Dad!  Where the heck were you?  I don’t have a picture.  Well, RAL was in fact with the crew.  He spent most of days burning an old shed that they pulled down.  I think he enjoyed it.

Paul was on the water or in the water or driving the boat which leads me to the kids and the water fun!  I did get a video of him wake boarding.


A little swimming…



Dade!  He has picked up on the sport of wake boarding.


Dade got air!



And then he wiped out!


CJ trying water skiing for the first time in many years.


It didn’t go so well…


Simeon tried water skiing too!


Not too bad!




MJ!  So the board that I am riding I bought one week before I found out I was pregnant with the boys.  That summer I tried boarding once and since I have not been on a board let alone used my own.  Until this year!  I only had enough muscle for one run, but I got up first try and that was good enough for me.  I did have one face plant and of course they were videotaping.  It is too funny to not share.


I got air!  At least 5 feet?


Just some beach pictures for you…




Probably one of my favorite pictures of a few of the cousins!






Our room!


And of course the traditional picture of Grandma Cookie and her great grand children!


Schultz Beach

Last weekend we had a full Sunday.  Schultz beach in the am with Mike, Kristie, and Jack.  Afternoon of volleyball at Fitz’s.  And an evening of Settler’s of Catan.

Pictures from the beach.  The ducks were extra friendly.

2011.08.28 Schultz Beach

2011.08.28 Schultz Beach_2

Monday, August 22, 2011

They may be twins, but they are different

The boys finished up this drawing the other day.  Initially I didn’t think much of it, but then realized how different each of their sides were.  In case we needed another reason that we believe that Bennett’s personality is like mine and Ethan is more like his Daddy.  Here is one more piece of proof. 

Ethan’s art is on the left, Bennett’s is on the right.


She still has it

Nanny Molly visited us this summer.  Needed to get the pictures up.  Hey Nanny Molly this is a reminder that you need to come over again!



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Going Casual

I have started this post several times and never really finished it.  It was because every time I sat at the computer I had a different emotion tugging my strings.  So every post started out way different. 

I need to get this up and maybe say it to make it more real.  It is true…I am going casual at Children’s Hospital.  Most people might not be familiar with “casual” so the best explanation is on-call.  I have decided to reduce my status so that I can be home with the kiddos.  Seriously you have seen how cute they are, wouldn’t you make the same decision? 

This idea started back in April when the boys turned 2.  It was a huge surprise that well 1. we managed to keep them alive for 2 years and 2. they were going to be starting pre-school if not school in the next 3 years.  I feel like the past several years have moved at hyper speed.  I need to grasp on to those years of cuddling and wanting mommy that remain.  I really can’t remember who told me this, but this winter someone made the comment to me that their mom (moms are smart) told her that the one thing they would never regret is staying home with her children.  I was feeling like I wouldn’t even be able to regret it if I didn’t try it.  Which brings me to answer your next question….will I like it?  Holy smokes, I have no idea!  I think that some days will rock and others will not.  Probably those days of teething and whining will be the worst.  But then there will be those days that they are all remarkably easy and self entertaining.  I have prepared some family and friends to keep their phone lines open for a off her rocker MJ. 

So how all the emotions untangled…4 weeks ago I arrived at work on a Monday and alas there was a posting for a volunteer coordinator position open.  It didn’t take many people long to connect the dots.  I went into immediate defense mode.  And why?…well, I love my job and I believe in the mission of Children’s.  I am proud of all the work that I did over the past 6+ years.  I wanted it to keep going strong.  Then I went into sad mode, I just gave up my amazing position to do something that I wasn’t sure how much I would love.  I kept reminding myself how I much I missed my kids when I was at work and how often (and lame) it was that I visited my own blog while at work to look at their faces and watch videos of them doing silly things.  Then I was nervous, what if I hated it?  What if it sucked?  Again, I reminded myself that the new full time job I was about to take was going to be far more difficult than my current position at Children’s, but definitely rewarding and years that I could never get back.  I can always work, but my kids are only young once.  Then I got excited to do something new and hopefully years that they will remember.  Thinking back I remember winter days where I would stay at home with Mom.  I would watch with envy as my sisters walked to the end of the street to get on the school bus.  I asked mom when I would be able to go to school.  She replied, “some day” and I remember hot chocolate and how she would help me in to my winter gear so that I could play outside.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot, but for some reason those small things still remain with me.  I am sure at the time I didn’t appreciate all the things that mom did while I was at home or the days that I got to go to the Treehouse, Grandma’s, and the Nagel farm but rest assured there was an impact and it is in full swing as I now grow as a mom myself.  Quite possibly my cousins could say the same thing.  See maybe someday my kids will write about there vague memories of Mommy playing with them on the Talon Trail deck, taking them to the park across the street, or being corralled into the garage by a snow fence when they are 31.  If they do, then I think I have accomplished my goal.

My last full time day at Children’s is Friday, September 2nd.  So how lucky is everyone that I have a blog to detail this new adventure.  I look forward to sharing the days of 16 poopy diapers, 8 loads of laundry, and 4 snotty noses at one time with you!  Are Hope and Bo still together and is Marlena still possessed by a demon?

Cross your fingers, wish me luck, say a prayer.  I don’t care what you do…I’ll take it!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cabin Weekend – Boney Lake

Last weekend we went to a cabin with Mike, Kristie, and Jack.  It was near Hayward, WI.  The drive was a little brutal at times for the kids.  So on the way there we stopped in Baldwin for dinner.  We loaded the kids back up and got on the road.  We were about 3 miles down the road when I turned around and saw Aaliyah’s blanket on the floor.  I asked Brett to give it back to her.  He turned around to discover Jocelyn unbuckled in her car seat standing up backwards playing.  Worst parents ever!!  I feel bad saying that it isn’t the first time we have forgotten.  When you have to buckle 4 sometimes you lose track of what ones you have done and still need to do.  And yes, we did immediately buckle her back in.  She was not happy about that.
The weekend was good despite the weather on Saturday.  We finally got everyone on the boat and headed to the other side of the lake.  The girls were not fans of the life jackets so we stopped to let them rest.  It couldn’t of been more than 3 minutes that the thunder and lighting started.  So our boat trip was quite short.
DSC_0656 DSC_0657
DSC_0653 DSC_0655

Jack didn’t seem to mind his life jacket.

We spent the day inside playing Settlers of Catan.  Luckily it was nap time.  They had quiet time even know no one napped and Ethan escaped from his pack and play twice.
DSC_0660 DSC_0664






And we kept playing Settler’s of Catan…