Thursday, July 21, 2011


They are lovin the coloring.  Bennett is getting really good.  If you give him a color sheet he will aim to color a shape on the paper.  Doesn’t quite keep it in between the lines, but he tells me he is working on it.

Coloring Collage

9 years and counting…

Honestly, I did start this post 2 days ago on the date of Brett and my anniversary.  Today was my plan to finish it and the draft is no where to be found.  So this is my start over.

July 19, 2002 Brett and I were married at Peace Church in Eagan, MN.  Reception was held at the Burnsville Holiday Inn in Burnsville, MN.  One of the more memorable receptions for those in attendance (right Marcia?)! 

Last weekend we had an outing to celebrate.  We went for a bike ride to St. Paul (I only fell 3 times), had breakfast at the Wild Onion, and that evening we went to Jesus Christ Superstar at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre.  Our yearly stop to put another notch in the anniversaries.  A few days later we got to top everything off with dinner at Red Lobster and the last of the Harry Potter movies.  


One of the bummer’s of me rewriting this post is that I had a list of all the highlights from the wedding and reception and in this recap I have to make it short considering the small hands (Aaliyah) that keep hitting the key board as I write. 

Well isn’t this interesting.  After nine years, my lap is always occupied, my arms are always filled, and my services are always needed.  Additionally, my washing machine is always running, a large supply of milk is standard in the refrigerator, and it is never safe to leave the house without a diaper bag.  The one thing thing that still remains is MJ and Brett.  We are still here, but we are nothing like we were on July 19th, 2002.  I would say that we are better than we have ever been.  Not because we created our own volleyball team, but mostly because of our travels to this point.  One bumpy ride, huh?  And again we were transformed into parents after the birth of 4 wonderful children while still maintaining our relationship as husband and wife.  All I can say is….communication, Communication, COMMUNICATION! 

Brett here is your public acknowledgment of how wonderful I think you are.  Wouldn’t most people want me to write about them on my blog?  I think so!  To my husband, who has become my kickstand.  (Notice I picked kickstand and not clipless pedals that malfunction and cause me to fall.)  I can count on you to support me when I need a break and you are still with me when I am in full power stroke.  Thank you for being my husband and believing in me.  Looking forward to many more years.

While I wrote this I changed 2 diapers, went downstairs to get milk, kissed one boo boo from a drawer incident, and settled a cat fight over a lotion bottle.  Luckily the boys were napping.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Petti Skirts

This was round 2 and a very successful one might I add.  There are too many good shots so I had to just pick a few of my favorites.  Enjoy the blue eyes!

Jocelyn in yellow



Aaliyah in green


















Family pics and 1 year pics

There were 2 sessions and that was the only way to get it done.  We fell apart in the first session so luckily Annie was willing to take the girls another day for their petti skirt pictures.  Here is round #1.

The best family picture


The MJ struggling family picture


Jocelyn, the one tooth wonder



Aaliyah, well she was happy in this picture.  We had to feed them puffs all day.  That is what they were searching for in the grass!



And the 2 of them not happy for the camera.




Bennett was not that interested either.


Ethan did better.


And one of the both of them.  Framing quality for sure.


And a few of Aaliyah’s first steps captured.




Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Last weekend was another one full of action.  Friday night we picked up Titus and Genesis and added 2 to the clan for the night.  Saturday night they were taken over by Nana and Papa. 

On Sunday we had our first visit to the beach!  We sent to Schulze beach at Lebanon Hills in Eagan.  We were there by 10:00 which is pretty impressive since we finalized our plan at 8:30am that morning.  Early enough that Kristie and Jackson could join us.  Jackson’s first time at the beach.  We were there to witness it!  Pretty sure that only a little sand got into his bottle.  The kids seemed to enjoy it.  Ethan didn’t enjoy all the sand and water, but Bennett finally got over the sand on his feet and spent a lot of time building a sand castle with some unexpected friends!

2011.07.03 Beach_1

2011.07.03 Beach_2

2011.07.03 Beach_3

2011.07.03 Beach_4

The next day was the 4th of July!  Brian and Tina happen to live right on the Eagan parade route.  We biked to their house along with Jess, Rob, and their girls and Mike and Megan.  The children were in tow.  I took the boys since they now enjoy the Burley and don’t cry, but that meant I had more weight.  Brett took the girls and they survived but cried.  We had a crew at the parade.  It was a great time! 

2011.07.04 4th of July_1

The boys spend the whole parade at the curb.  Bennett a little bit more brave with grabbing the candy.  Ethan nuzzled next to us.  When I put candy in his bucket he decided to throw it into Bennett’s bucket. 

2011.07.04 4th of July_2

After the parade we headed back to our house for a BBQ.  It was a success.  Amazingly we still had enough energy to make it to a pool party in St. Paul.

2011.07.04 4th of July_3

2011.07.04 4th of July_4

We were exhausted!  Great 4th!

Brett called this cheap entertainment

I thought it had something to do with the boys in the boxes, but now they are crawling into any basket available.