Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Garden

This idea started several years ago.  This year it came alive!  Brett’s parents have agreed to put a garden in their backyard for the entire family.  We started this year with two raised beds with plans to add two more beds next summer.  We had plans to get this all done in one night, but it turned into a weekend plus project.  We documented our project.

Garden beds located in the corner of the yard.


Mowing the grass down.


Assembling the second garden bed, with 5 kids in tow.


Bennett inspecting Daddy’s work.


The soil mixing. Then the rain started, but the mixing did not stop.













So what did we do when it was raining?  The little boys played in the rain.



The big boys played with bikes.









Rain stopped so it was time to resume some planting.


Ethan helped!




And Bennett helped!




And then sometimes they were not so interested in helping.

It was so memorable to see the boys playing in the garden regardless of how annoying it was that they kept taking out the plant labels.  This will be a an activity that all the family can share.  They are helping even though they may be swinging under the porch in one of the four new swings we installed.  I love the garden and love having a reason to go over to Bruce and Sandy’s.  The boys will not forget these days of playing in Nana and Papa’s backyard!


The garden has tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, celery, peppers, and many herbs.  Look forward to making some salsa!


I left and felt so good.  For those of you that don’t know, my mother owned a tree nursery for over 20 years.  I am an all around skilled trimmer, landscaper, gardener.  I learned my skills from her and my grandma.  Thanks Mom for teaching me something that I can now share with my children.

Trowels are over rated.



This cute picture


followed up by this questionably cute picture.


Viewing Box

Today the ladies had “circle time”.  Which really is just us sitting together in the garage chatting a little and trying to talk over screaming children.  Today we kept it inside and let the kids out on the deck.

The viewing box


The view from the box



Book Bin

Again, the books are that much easier to find from inside the box!


UPS visits often

There is a UPS delivery man that comes to our house often.  Diapers, wipes, amazon purchases.  It is easier to order it on line than take kids into a store.  Every time he arrives to leave us a box in our garage he says, “Oh yeah, the house with twins.”  Not sure where he got that idea.


New Trick

Not only can she get down from the couch on her own, she has figured out how to go down stairs backwards.  This girl is amazing!


Monday, June 27, 2011


Last weekend was packed.  Friday was a night with the neighbors.  There was ice cream to be shared!

2011.06.24 Ice Cream with the neighbors

Matt, Nikki, Max, and Lily

DSC_6842_matt and Nikki

Max was flirting with Jocelyn.  Matt was close by chaperoning.

And Lily is one of the three most beautiful girls in the neighborhood!



Ethan takes full advantage of Sam’s trucks. 

Ivan, Kari, Aiden, Sam, Jasper, and Buckley

DSC_6851_Ivan and Kari

2011.06.24 Ice Cream with the neighbors_2

Aaliyah continues to get better at walking.  It must be that concrete.

On Saturday I participated in the PaceMaker 5000 on the Children’s team.  It was a 3K and I am happy to say that I finished it under an hour! 

After that was over I went home to pack up the family for an adventure to Mary Ellen’s farm.  Mary Ellen is my co-workers mom.  They own a beautiful horse named Crystal.  We wanted to see if the kids would actually get on the horse.  First we had lunch out of the back of the van!

2011.06.25 Mary Ellen's Farm

And as you can tell by the pictures they all got on the horse.  We were very surprised but very pleased!  It couldn’t of been more than 15 seconds after Ethan got on with me that he said, “down please, done please.”  But at least he did it!

2011.06.25 Mary Ellen's Farm_3

I think that I was the only one paying attention to this encounter.  Mary Ellen’s dog took a liking to Ethan.  It maybe had something to do with the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that he still had in his hand.

2011.06.25 Mary Ellen's Farm_2

Thanks Lisa and Mary Ellen!


After the farm Lisa and I went to one of our volunteer’s weddings!  Gretchen you looked beautiful!

On to Sunday, a family bike ride in the morning which ended pretty quickly after the girls started screaming their heads off.  In the afternoon we were able to play volleyball with some friend’s at Fitz’s.  (Thanks for babysitting Sam and Tori!)  After volleyball the fun came to our house!

It started with this…

2011.06.26 Garage Fun

And turned into this…

2011.06.26 Garage Fun_2

A game of Bezzer Wizzer concludes the night!  The girls have 1 point and the boys have 1.  Rubber match!!!  Thanks for coming, thanks for staying!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It didn’t stop with just cars!



We love OC!

Wonder why I can’t see clearly?



Don’t leave without us

A couple of weeks ago Brett went on work travel.  The next day I was off from work and the girls and I were playing upstairs.  I discovered them in our room playing in Brett’s packed bag.  Guess they wanted to make sure they weren’t left behind.


DSC_6493_daddy's bag