Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome Back Memorial BBQ

Hello Minnesota!  I made it!  It was a race back on Sunday to make it to the tail end of the Scott Reunion in New Brighton.  I kept anticipating seeing the kids and getting hugs from the boys.  I came in the house and they happen to run around the corner through the kitchen.  The greeting was more than I had ever hoped.  So yes, Scott family I was happy to see you all, but I had to reunite with my family first.  I think I was there about an hour before we packed up and headed back to Eagan for bedtime.

The next day we had more family time with Brian, Titus, Genesis, and Selah.  Just hanging out in the garage.  This second mini family gathering followed by a reunion of the friends. 

Pam and Bret had a baby boy named Pace about 6 weeks ago and Mike and Kristie’s Jackson is about 4 weeks.  This was the first time that all of us got together since the new additions to the volleyball team.  I noticed that adult talk has been replaced with us chasing children down the street, baby feedings, and cutting up hotdogs.  Our next gathering is going to be after bedtime!

Well it looks like it was Jackson’s bedtime. 


Here is Pace Loudy!


And of course the little boys.


The shirt that Lane is wearing is one that I appliqued.  Not my best work.  Do notice in the other picture that Bennett is throwing his fruit snacks into the water.  Later they all ate them.  Yummy!DSC_6252DSC_6261

Well, I am happy to be sitting here having a quiet evening.  Brett is off playing volleyball this evening.  We share a spot with another couple that has children.  So basically the husbands and the wives take turns playing.  Somebody has to stay at home with the kids!

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