Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Table and the Scary Deck

We got a water table!  Well actually it was the girl’s first birthday present.  I finally convinced Brett to let me open it early so that the boys can play with it.  He says I always get what I want.  Is that true?

Water and the boys are a formula for fun!  They absolutely love to play in water (ie: puddle splashing video).  Most nights the boys ask to take a tubby.  We would probably forget to bathe them if they didn’t request it.


So I wanted to put the water table on the deck so it was enclosed and they could play out there while someone was still inside with the girls.  It was actually Sarah that discovered this, but the boys are afraid of the deck this year.  They don’t like the cracks in the floor.  They won’t go on it without holding someone’s hand.  I finally got them to the water table and the entire time they played they held onto it.  It was when they wanted to come in that they looked like they were stranded on an island.  I guess they found support in each other to make their way back to the house.  I wasn’t torturing them but wanted them to figure out they were safe.  The holding hands was just a bonus!


Jenny said...

So cute! "yook, yook! Down there!" And was Ethan talking about having cars? Love it!

Cheryl's Apparel said...

I noticed the boys didn't like to walk on our deck over Easter. I think when they saw everyone else walking on it, they got over their fear real quick.