Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Move over Mary Poppins!

Introducing our new Nanny, Sarah!  She is cute, she is sweet, and she doesn’t mind when Jocelyn spits sweet potatoes back at her.  Sarah has been working full time watching the kids since the beginning of May.  She is doing an outstanding job despite the early morning start time.  Sarah lives very close so she has it timed out to wake up at 6:50 am and walk into our house at 7am.  We have bonded over the belief that showers are overrated and sleep is first priority. 

Sarah has a teaching degree and was substitute teaching this past year in addition to nannying for another local family.  I am not sure if she enjoys long walks by the beach or sunsets, but she does enjoy being active (thanks for the work out CD) and eating greek yogurt!  Yuck! 

2011.05.10 Sarah and JocelynDespite the tantrums and the biting she still returns.  I am thinking of giving her a summer bonus if she successfully potty trains the boys.  Sarah, we are so glad that you came along.  We feel incredibly lucky to have you caring for our children.  We look forward to an awesome summer with you part of the family.  Yup it is official, you are part of PairSquared.

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Jenny said...

Greek yogurt!?!? I like her already! Can't wait to meet her :)