Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hand, hand, hand

Sorry this video is a bit shaky but it was tough keeping up with them.  The boys traveled to new territory behind the townhouse development.  As you notice they did it together.  When one gets scared (usually Bennett) they ask for the other person’s hand.  There is strength in brothers.

Boys and the girls have been enjoying the garage.  Swings are used daily.

DSC_6142 DSC_6133

Boys enjoying a little game of basketball.  Not the biggest fan of the game, but it could be worse.  It could be hockey.

DSC_6120 DSC_6121



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The Bormann Family said...

HI MJ! The boys got it for Christmas, I think it was from Toys R Us, it is pretty big and a bit heavy duty:) When we get into the new house, I think we will keep it in the basement.