Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank You Nanny Molly!

Some of you know this but our super nanny Molly is moving on in the world.  Besides her busy summer schedule (CABIN!!) she also has a new grandbaby to help out with, so today marks the last day that Nanny Molly will be care taking of the PairSquared Clan.  Below is Nanny Molly pictured with her granddaughter, Maggie. 

Maggie, just so you know you have got one incredible grandma! 189143_10150234550897785_519627784_8975950_570526_n

Who was our Nanny Molly?

Well, Molly is what she goes by, but in fact her given name is Marlys.  Since she joined our family she has been known as Nanny Molly.  Molly was our gift from God.  In our scramble of dealing with bed rest, having twin boys, and becoming new parents God relieved the stress of having to think about who would care for our children.  By chance Molly’s name fell into my lap.  I still remember the day that I was on bed rest and was calling all around the community looking for a daycare opening for 2 infants.  Not a chance considering the max infants that a home daycare can have is 2.  It was when I called Carla that she talked about her friend from church that had been thinking about taking a job caring for a baby, but maybe she would be up for 2.  Ha, little did she know that she would get stuck with 4.  I talked to Molly on the phone, we went and visited with her at her townhome in Apple Valley, and she came to our house with husband Brian to meet the boys.  It was the start of a beautiful friendship and bond that the boys will never forget.  My sister said to me that you make a Nanny part of the family and that is what Molly was.  She was there every morning ready to take on a day of playing, discovery, and learning.  I definitely feel strongly that the boys know their alphabet because of her.  We were always comfortable leaving the kids with Nanny Molly and confident in her care.  She played around with them and for sure loved them up!  Nanny Molly would be just as excited for new milestones and growth as we were.  She shared in celebrations as the boys walked and as Aaliyah stood on her own.  Nanny Molly was there for the boys dedication, their first birthday, and the girls dedication.  The events would of not have been complete without her.  I will always remember her laughing with joy as the kids giggled back. 

There is sure to be something missing as we move forward in life.  She is someone to be remembered forever.  The girls for sure love her, but the bond that she has created with the boys will always exist.  They were pretty lucky to have her for almost 2 years.  And really, she wasn’t just a Nanny to them, but another Grandma.  We just happen to pay her (don’t get any ideas Cheryl and Sandy!). 

I write this from the bottom of my heart….

Dearest Nanny Molly, I gave you my most precious treasures and you treated them like your own family.  I always looked forward to getting home to talk about your day and hoped that the kids were good so that you would keep coming back.  I couldn’t feel luckier to have such a loving woman part of my family.  I know that a day didn’t go by that Ethan, Bennett, Jocelyn, and Aaliyah didn’t know how much you loved them.  You will always be our Nanny Molly!

xoxo, MJ, Brett, Ethan, Bennett, Aaliyah, and Jocelyn

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