Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look, NO hands!

Aaliyah has been able to stand without support for a few weeks.  Just today I watched Jocelyn do it.  Nanny Molly was here so she is my witness.

The girls are all kinds of cute, but at the same time they are pretty rough and tough.  Many times throughout the day you can find them jumping on top of each other.

2011.04.14 The Girls

2011.04.14 The Girls_2

We are adjusting the girls to one nap a day so in the AM there is a about an hour that is pretty rough.  They also had their first steamed sweet potato chunks last night.  I love that they can start feeding themselves a little.  Now we got to start working on the sippy cup.



DSC_5584_sharing chew toy

I love the last picture where they are sharing the stuffed iguana as a chew toy!

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