Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jackson’s Jamboree, March 26th 2011

We had the honor of throwing a party for soon to come little Jack Robinet.  Here are the pics from the party.  Thanks to all of Kristie and Mike’s friends for showing their support for the start of their new family!  (Sorry to the friends that I didn’t get pictures of.  I got sidetracked until later in the night.)


Dear Jack,

We all are looking forward to your arrival.  Your room is packed with supplies and your baby bum will stay dry due to an excellent diaper party that we had for you.  One activity that we did at your party was each friend of your Mommy and Daddy’s wrote you a note.  You have one to open on each birthday up to year 12.  Don’t let your parents forget to give them to you and NO, you can’t open them early!  All of us have no doubt that you will have two of the best parents ever.  They look tough but under the surface they are softies so make sure you ask for a new car asap.  We all love your parents dearly and know that we will love you just as much.  There is room in these hearts for 3!

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Love, Mommy and Daddy’s many friends

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