Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

We headed to Lanesboro last weekend to celebrate Easter with the Lamon’s and Grandma Cookie.  On Saturday Colleen had all 5 boys with her in Rochester.  The girls all went to Pine Needles in Decorah, IA.  And the big boys (Rick, Brett, and Paul) played around together.  The boys went to see the eagle’s nest in Decorah. 

Saturday afternoon the kids decorated eggs.  Kelly reminded all of them that we would use the eggs the next day in the potato salad.  Nobody got too attached to their eggs.  Ethan and Bennett were excited to decorate them but then squeezed them tightly and they cracked.  Bennett threw his on the ground so from that point on he only colored on the paper.  Ethan was very excited as you can see! 

2011.04.24 Easter_Decorating Eggs

Sunday was super beautiful so we took advantage and everyone walked to church.  Did I mention that my mom had surgery only 5 days prior to this.  Can’t hold that lady back.

2011.04.24 Easter_Walk

2011.04.24 Easter_Walk2

The girls looked so adorable in their dresses.  We got some pictures.  Jocelyn is in blue and Aaliyah is in pink.  I think the picture of Jocelyn holding her dress up will be the first of many times that I watch my little girls pull up their dresses.

2011.04.24 Easter_Girls in dresses

Before they got to do the easter egg hunt they had to take a picture together.  I guess I have to take what I can get.

2011.04.24 Easter_All Kids

The kids had an egg hunt in Mom and Dad’s yard.  Each of them got to find 3 eggs with candy and some with money.  Boys got to try their first taste of candy thanks to Granmda Cheryl.  Bennett liked it, Ethan spit it out.  They also learned what pockets are.  Bennett filled his with candy.

2011.04.24 Easter_Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!

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