Sunday, March 6, 2011

PairFect Pull Over Bibs

In addition to making leg warmers at the Souhrada Christmas I learned how to make bibs.  It all started with 2 bibs that we were gifted to us from Nana this Christmas.  The girls each received a pink pull over bib that Sandy had purchased from a craft fair near Grand Meadow, MN.  They were nice and cute, but it wasn’t until I used them that I understood the strategic engineering of the pull over bib.  Here are the features by no mistake were created intentionally…

~They are big!  Nice to finally have a bib that covers the whole front of a child’s shirt instead of just the top 1/3rd.  Seriously, kids have a way of even getting food on their feet while they are eating.

~Elastic neck, keeps it tight to prevent food from falling under and still comfortable.

~Pull over (No Velcro!)  Two pluses for this feature.  1) no more Velcro bibs sticking all over the kids clothes when you pull them out of the dryer.  I even had Velcro bibs ruin a few of the boys pants AND 2) they can’t pull them off!  No more bib battles!!

Here are the two that I made on President’s Day Weekend…


Aren’t these girls the perfect models?


Here is the set of 6 that I just finished…

DSC_4394_white bibs

I just bought some more fabric to make more.  More to come later!

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Jessica said...

You are so talented! Love the leggigs too!