Friday, March 25, 2011

Cousins Birthday Celebration

This week the Scott family celebrated the birthdays of Titus (4), Genesis (4), Ethan (almost 2), and Bennett (almost 2).  Our family quickly grew so we split the birthdays up into groups so that we didn’t have to have a party every month.

They had to take a picture before they could open up their presents.  They were all smiles.


Great Grandma and Grandpa Polson, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Peggy joined the party fun.  Baby Selah got plenty of love.

2011.03.23 Cousin Birthdays

Here is the birthday table.

2011.03.23 Cousin Birthdays_2

Birthday cake time.  We sang happy birthday and then lit each child’s candle separately and let them blow it out.  This prevented anyone from having to stop, drop, and roll.  Nana assisted the boys in blowing out their candles.

 2011.03.23 Cousin Birthdays_3

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