Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost 2 and my walls show it

It was about a week ago that I noticed some dark black lines on my walls near the front door.  I asked Brett what there were from and he didn’t know.  We thought maybe it was the natural wear and tear of things banging up against the wall as we exited and entered the house.  Didn’t seem right since it just showed up a little over a week ago.


Recently, the boys had discovered that their magnets not only stick on the refrigerator but on other metal surfaces.  We had them on the washer/dryer, dishwasher, and on the outside doors.   I either blame Jenny Cook or Caillou for them learning this trick.   It was only yesterday that I heard the silence.  Silence is never a good thing.  I went to the front foyer to discover the boys scrapping their letter magnets on the walls to create dark black lines.  An art that they may have never discovered if Caillou had just left his magnets on the refrigerator holding the papers. 

Here is the wall awaiting the Magic Eraser,


I swear the boys have grown 2 inches in the past 2 weeks.  I was in the living room this weekend and all the sudden Bennett walked in carrying a package of noodles that I had set on the counter to make for dinner.   On Sunday the boys escaped out to the garage as we were transferring purchases to the house.  You should have seen Ethan bolt down the street in his feet pajamas.  He laughed the whole way and Brett could barely get him because he was laughing so hard.

They can’t be trusted anymore. 




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Nanner said...

I should get you some sol-u-mel. It is a melaluca product and it takes sharpy right off of anything. The walls, the couch, doors,clothes, anything. Was very helpful when our house was on the market when my oldest were 2 years old and I left a sharpee on the living room floor when I went to bed. I got a call from the realtor that someone wanted a showing asap. I went to get the girls from teh other room to go ona walk and guess what - sharpee EVERYWHERE. Walls, door, couch.
I quick locked them in their car seats and went to town with the sol-u-mel. Everything came clean rightr away - except I threw a blanket on the couch to deal with that later!