Friday, March 25, 2011

4 for 4

Went to urgent care last night.



Ethan – 2 ear infections, 1 tube gone

Bennett – 1 ear infection, 2 tubes gone

Aaliyah – 2 ear infections

Jocelyn – 2 ear infections

It must be bad when we continue to see the same Urgent Care doctor and the Target pharmacy team knows exactly who you are.  I made the mistake of bringing the boys back to the room without grabbing the color crayons and picture of Elmo or maybe the worse mistake was that I went to get them from the waiting room and by the end of the visit Bennett had managed to color all over the floor.  A tab bit embarrassed would have been an understatement.  And whoever said that parents have eyes on the back of their head was lying!


Alissa said...

UGH!!! We are dealing with our first ear infections (one double, one single), bronchiolitis, and antibiotic-resistance sinus infections. And I only have one set. You are one tough mama!!!! Hang in there!

Colleen said...

Its all about the T tubes the second time around. They stay in way longer. Keep your chin up SIS!