Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little of the girls

The girls both got their second tooth on the bottom this weekend.  They are a little cranky so there must be more on the way.  Aaliyah has stood a few times by herself so I am waiting for some walking action.

Butt Drop

I think what makes this video even funnier is how saggy their diapers are.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cousins Birthday Celebration

This week the Scott family celebrated the birthdays of Titus (4), Genesis (4), Ethan (almost 2), and Bennett (almost 2).  Our family quickly grew so we split the birthdays up into groups so that we didn’t have to have a party every month.

They had to take a picture before they could open up their presents.  They were all smiles.


Great Grandma and Grandpa Polson, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Peggy joined the party fun.  Baby Selah got plenty of love.

2011.03.23 Cousin Birthdays

Here is the birthday table.

2011.03.23 Cousin Birthdays_2

Birthday cake time.  We sang happy birthday and then lit each child’s candle separately and let them blow it out.  This prevented anyone from having to stop, drop, and roll.  Nana assisted the boys in blowing out their candles.

 2011.03.23 Cousin Birthdays_3

4 for 4

Went to urgent care last night.



Ethan – 2 ear infections, 1 tube gone

Bennett – 1 ear infection, 2 tubes gone

Aaliyah – 2 ear infections

Jocelyn – 2 ear infections

It must be bad when we continue to see the same Urgent Care doctor and the Target pharmacy team knows exactly who you are.  I made the mistake of bringing the boys back to the room without grabbing the color crayons and picture of Elmo or maybe the worse mistake was that I went to get them from the waiting room and by the end of the visit Bennett had managed to color all over the floor.  A tab bit embarrassed would have been an understatement.  And whoever said that parents have eyes on the back of their head was lying!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Got tooth!

The girls had their first tooth break through today.  Same day, same tooth.  Hmmmm.  We heard that identical twins will experience milestones like this.  Kind of cool!




We love that they still have their red hair.  The girls are not walking yet, but Aaliyah can stand up without supporting herself on furniture.  It is when she realizes that she is doing it that she falls on her butt.  We can’t wait for the summer!

A Dentist’s Dream


Almost 2 and my walls show it

It was about a week ago that I noticed some dark black lines on my walls near the front door.  I asked Brett what there were from and he didn’t know.  We thought maybe it was the natural wear and tear of things banging up against the wall as we exited and entered the house.  Didn’t seem right since it just showed up a little over a week ago.


Recently, the boys had discovered that their magnets not only stick on the refrigerator but on other metal surfaces.  We had them on the washer/dryer, dishwasher, and on the outside doors.   I either blame Jenny Cook or Caillou for them learning this trick.   It was only yesterday that I heard the silence.  Silence is never a good thing.  I went to the front foyer to discover the boys scrapping their letter magnets on the walls to create dark black lines.  An art that they may have never discovered if Caillou had just left his magnets on the refrigerator holding the papers. 

Here is the wall awaiting the Magic Eraser,


I swear the boys have grown 2 inches in the past 2 weeks.  I was in the living room this weekend and all the sudden Bennett walked in carrying a package of noodles that I had set on the counter to make for dinner.   On Sunday the boys escaped out to the garage as we were transferring purchases to the house.  You should have seen Ethan bolt down the street in his feet pajamas.  He laughed the whole way and Brett could barely get him because he was laughing so hard.

They can’t be trusted anymore. 




Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Taking picture of active 9 month olds by yourself is impossible.  Forget the nice background I put up and rearranging my kitchen, and picking the time of the day with the right light to get a nice photo of the girls.  They were not having it. So all 102 pictures are out takes.  God bless Annie Torrini.


First Embroidery Project

This past weekend I used my embroidery machine for the first time.  Jackson is the recipient of work that is bound to go down in history!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Jane’s Jubilee

This year the Souhrada ladies gathered in Woodbury, MN for what started as Spiritual Spa turned quilting retreat at Kingswood Methodist Camp, to craft/sewing/scrapbooking weekend now named Jane’s Jubilee.  We named the weekend after Aunt Jane that past away summer of 2009.  She was mostly remembered at these weekends for her group craft project, debates, and making clothes.

Packed up….a sea of red.


This years attendees…



a.k.a. Embroidery Empress  

Project: Embroidering towels so that she didn’t have to share germs with the other people she worked with.

Highlight: Listening to her son, Simi, read her an excerpt from his book before bedtime.




a.k.a. Scrapalicious

Project: Personalized crafted calendars for her sister in law and mother in law for Christmas 2010.  Isn’t it March 2011?

Highlight: Getting the months in the calendar out of order. 





a.k.a. Tagger the Terrible

Project: Leg warmers, bibs, taggie blankets

Highlight: When she told me that Wesley wears the baby leg warmers all day.  She takes them off right before her husband gets home.  I would like to point out to everyone that baby leg warmers have function so therefore dress up your little boy’s legs!




a.k.a. Happy Hacker

Project: Mittens, digitizing PairSquared logo, fixing Colleen’s computer, stitch project

Highlight: Solving the mystery of .net framework. 






a.k.a. Bobbin Stealer

Project: I am not sure, she went to the basement to hide.

Highlight: When she said Colleen didn’t know anything about embroidery and we all overheard her in the next room.




Grandma Ardis

a.k.a. Seam Ripper

Project: Red work and fixing everyone’s mistakes

Highlight: Purchasing her Red 304 thread and eating breakfast is hard work.  Must of taken her a long time to eat breakfast considering she was in her PJ’s all day. 





a.k.a. Bernina Boss

Project: Bernina 8 series feature quilt, fixing sewing machines, and running around to help everyone else (mostly me)

Highlight: Watching her multi-task by teaching everyone what to do on their projects and still managing to finish one beautiful quilt.  Bernina for life!




a.k.a. Protest Princess

Project: Advocating for the rights of Wisconsin’s finest

Highlight: Receiving multiple texts with pictures from the protest in Madison, WI.  The last one was by far the best.  “on a coach bus with Corona for the ride back.  You gotta love Wisc.”  Amen!




a.k.a. Overachiever

Project: Leg warmers, bibs, burp cloths, pants, eye patch, embroidery,  button holes

Highlight: Staying up later than everyone else, even Grandma, but didn’t have to change 4 diapers at 8am.  (That is why there is not picture of me and an empty table.  I was last one up both nights and the one behind the camera.)

Finished projects:








I would say a pretty productive weekend.  OK, I made it look like we have the nose to the grind getting some sewing done, but this weekend is really about family being together.  I feel lucky to have a family that stresses the importance of keeping our relationships with each other strong.  Most people my age don’t see their cousins or have the relationship that I get to have with mine.  Even the out laws, yup I am talking to you Ericka and Sarah.  I didn’t get to grow up with you and apologize for all the trauma that Suzie and I put your husbands through, but just when I think I can’t love you anymore I discover more awesome things about you.  Sisters, a weekend to remember.  These are the times that I look forward to.  Mother, even though you have sticky fingers, I know you love me.  Thanks for being sensitive when times were tough.  Fav Cuz, sorry you had a cold.  I’ll talk to Josh about not getting you liquid medicine again if you can convince him to move in with Brett so we can live out our dream and raise cats and chicks.  Grandma, I will always remember the number 304!  Aunt Marcia,  Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend must of not had knowledge of Berninas.  All I cn say is thank you!  All of my dearest family, I really enjoy bellying up to the sewing table surrounded by each one of you.  Now all I need to do is get CJ to stop stealing my drink. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aaliyah and Jocelyn 9 Months Old

They are 9 months old already.  And cute as ever.  Get ready to smile!


Here are the stats from their 9 month check up today.



Jocelyn Lamon Scott

Weight = 17 lbs 10 oz / 30%

Length = 27.75 inches / 60%

Head = 17.25 inches / 50%






Aaliyah Lamon Scott

Weight = 20 lbs / 75%

Length = 28.25 inches / 75%

Head = 17.5 inches / 60%


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caillou: Our new nebulizer friend

Boys are still doing one nebulizer a day, but since they have been sick we have increased that to twice.  We discovered a way that they would sit still and hold the mask.  His name is called “Caillou”.  He is a 4-year old boy that grows bigger every day.  He has a cat named Gilbert.  This little bald, headed boy is our rescuer from using bear hugs to restrain E and B from getting away while they do their nebulizer.  

Caillou comes on and they are under a spell.  I don’t know what it is about this show, but I’ll take it.sub-square-caillou


Here is Bennett flying solo.


PairFect Pull Over Bibs

In addition to making leg warmers at the Souhrada Christmas I learned how to make bibs.  It all started with 2 bibs that we were gifted to us from Nana this Christmas.  The girls each received a pink pull over bib that Sandy had purchased from a craft fair near Grand Meadow, MN.  They were nice and cute, but it wasn’t until I used them that I understood the strategic engineering of the pull over bib.  Here are the features by no mistake were created intentionally…

~They are big!  Nice to finally have a bib that covers the whole front of a child’s shirt instead of just the top 1/3rd.  Seriously, kids have a way of even getting food on their feet while they are eating.

~Elastic neck, keeps it tight to prevent food from falling under and still comfortable.

~Pull over (No Velcro!)  Two pluses for this feature.  1) no more Velcro bibs sticking all over the kids clothes when you pull them out of the dryer.  I even had Velcro bibs ruin a few of the boys pants AND 2) they can’t pull them off!  No more bib battles!!

Here are the two that I made on President’s Day Weekend…


Aren’t these girls the perfect models?


Here is the set of 6 that I just finished…

DSC_4394_white bibs

I just bought some more fabric to make more.  More to come later!