Thursday, February 10, 2011

It has been a busy few weeks

Wondering where I have been?  Well, not in front of my computer blogging.  We have had some eventful weeks.  Unfortunately not all with fun activities.  We were dealing with the snotty noes, coughing, wheezing, that all led us to a few doctor visits.  It started the week that Brett was on work travel (it always happens).  Bennett was not feeling well so he was first in.  His ears were clear and the chest x-ray came up normal which really stunk because doing chest x-rays with little kids is quite painful.  Even for the mom that is the Child Life Specialist.  He didn’t want to talk to me or sing or make funny faces.  He just SCREAMED!  And get this, the first picture didn’t show up so we had to put him back into the torture tube for another picture.  Thus far Brett has dealt with all the chest x-rays because I have been pregnant.  I can’t decide if I am more traumatized than Bennett from this.  Of course had no interest in snapping a picture of Bennett while he was in this contraption, but I found an example on line.  New moms, brace yourself…


So after that I returned to a household of yet fussy kids on their way to getting the cold.  Thanks Sandy and JHom for saving me this night.  SO the week was rough and on Saturday morning both boys woke up with fluid draining form their ears, which only means one thing…INFECTIONS.  That is the thing with ear infections.  You can take them in and their ears will look fine, but two hours later they can be blazing red.  The boys started ear drops and luckily the urgent care doctor had given me an antibiotic for Bennett if he didn’t start getting better.  On Saturday it was obvious that he had only gotten worse.  Brett started not feeling well Sunday, Monday I got home from work and the girls were wheezing very loud.  Off to urgent care with the two of them.  Ear infections and pneumonia.  She was going to have them do chest x-rays on the girls just to confirm.  I remembered that we had gotten out of a chest x-ray one time before because the doctor told us that since they had an ear infection the same antibiotic would treat the pneumonia.  I asked the doctor if I could opt out for the girls and she completely understood.  Whew!  Dodged that horrific event!  The girls were given an antibiotic.  I explained to the doctor how I still had one at home without any medicine, but the same symptoms and she wrote a prescription for Ethan as well.  Sometimes having four kids gets me sympathy.  I think that it helped that I was alone at urgent care with two infants.  The staff watched as I hoisted two infant care seats up in the air with a purse and diaper bag crisscrossed over my body.  They had me feeling like super mom, but in reality I was thinking when is Brett going to get here?!?  The staff helped carry coats and put me in the big exam room.  The doctor saved Jocelyn from wiggling out of her car seat to the floor and wrangled them on the exam table.  I was ready to get out of there.  As I exited the building I watched Brett enter.  Good timing.  So the following days were full of medicine administrations which resulted in straddling kids on the floor, pink antibiotic and bitter, oral steroid spit back at us, getting our fingers bit as we tried to hold their mouth open and told them to swallow, neb treatments for all four of them!  Nighttime routine had a whole new meaning.  It took about 90 minutes.  Brett was Better by Wednesday, Thursday I was feeling crummy, and the kids were better on Saturday.  It is week later from when I started to get sick and I would say that I am almost out of the woods.

The kids are doing fantastic!  I can’t tell you how easier my life is when the kids are not sick.  I’m sure some of you know. 

In addition to our illness my SD cards went on the fritz so I lost of lot of videos and pictures of the kids.  I am reshooting and will get a few posts up today so you can see updates.

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