Monday, February 28, 2011

I’m creating….PairFect Legs

No, I am not working out every morning trying to get my size 6 body, flat stomach, and beautiful legs back.  It became quite clear to me that I didn’t own this body anymore when it had the capability of housing 2 humans inside of it at once.  The “get in shape” resolution is for another year. 

Remember my new project for 2011?  Well, it is underway and has evolved.  My most recent addition to my sewing loft is a serger and I am already putting on the miles.  Move over Brett, I seriously love this thing! 

Literally Brett move over!  I moved my sewing room into the loft and took over Brett’s space where he had his computer.  I told Aunt Marcia and Suzie that it was my plan he just didn’t know it yet and now it has come to life!

My creative corner…


So lets start with the first project (other project posts yet to come).  Leg Warmers!!  These are for the PairFect Legs.


Round 1:  For my cousin Ericka!  Mailed them today!

DSC_4367_Ericka's leg warmers

Fancy ruffle just for her!

DSCF1174_lettuce edge

Round 2: BRIGHT!


Round 3: Pastels!


Round 4: More leg warmers??


Round 5: Yup, it is official…I am in the leg warmer business.  Got to sell them!


Anyone want some?

So how do I have time you ask.  Well, I make it.  You know how some people read or meditate  or take a run or listen to music or do yoga.  Well, this is my yoga.  This is my life therapy and what keeps me sane.  I love my children and family to death, but a girl needs an outlet.  I was talking to my friend today about making these and how I need to sell them.  She is a mom and in the craft business so I was asking about price points.  The question came up, “what is your time worth.”  I paused, and thought a little, and came to the realization that I love to sew and would do it anyway.  I have made 8 quilts and I don’t even have that many beds in my house.  So quilts was out of the picture for the moment.  I couldn’t let the dust pile up on my sewing machine and I yearned to hear the needle racing up and down piercing the fabric.  It is kind of like my dad and how he feels when he hears a vacuums or a train whistle.  I know this sounds weird, but I have a point.  Every time my dad hears a vacuum or train whistle he comments how he loves the sound.  I think it is comforting to him.  Apparently my Grandma Lamon use to vacuum after she put him down to bed and he would fall asleep to the sound.  Not to mention that train tracks went through his childhood backyard less than 50 yards away from the house.  You can laugh if you want, but a sewing machine is soothing to me.  I discovered this a several years back when I was going through some tough stuff and was on my own.  I had great friends and family, but my sewing machine was the only thing in my 700 square foot apartment to keep me company.

Enough of the sappy stuff.  The moral of the story is I love to do it.  I discovered baby leg warmers on line and they were expensive.  Especially when you have multiples and they didn’t give you a price break for the second pair.  It wasn’t like I was going to only put one leg warmer on each of the girls.  So I found a way to make these cheap and share the fashion wealth.  For now after bedtime you can find me in my creative corner.  I just need to figure out how to get a mini fridge up there.

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