Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new project for 2011– leg warmers!

Since the girls I have gotten into what people refer to as baby leg warmers or baby legs.  I have found a lot of cool designs, including the football ones from the name brand line of Baby Legs, but these leg accessories were priced anywhere from $8-$20.  When you multiply that by two it is a hefty amount to pay.  I found lots of tutorial’s on line about making my own and I did it.  (thanks for the help mom!)  I have made the most common design with a cuff, but also crocheted a fringe into another set that I gifted to a friend.  Hopefully picture to come of that one.  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.  I needed a way to save a little money yet have the luxury of having something fun for them to wear. I have got some skills so I gave it a go!   The more I have been using them the more I love them.  Diaper changes are way easier when you don’t have to shimmy pants off and back on their chubby legs. 

The first picture below is with one of the girls wearing the set of leg warmers I made and the other one wearing a store purchased pair. 

Can you guess what ones I made?


This morning seemed like a good time to finish up more of these warmers.  The girls are wearing them today!!


Place your orders!!

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Rachael Anne said...

and WHO turned you on to this FABULOUS idea? :) they look awesome! we ordered our new sewing machine and it should arrive this week!