Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 Christmas Day

This was a big day!  Started with more present opening, yes those kids are spoiled!  We cleaned the house some more, family started arriving around noon, and then Bruce and I went to pick up Izzy from the airport!  I was so excited to see her.  She was at door 3 (inside of course) since her winter jacket was still at her parents house in MN.  She ran out of the double doors in her skinny jeans, glasses, and white knitted beanie with ear flaps.  We brought her straight home and the festivities began.

2010.12.25 Christmas_1

There was cooking, napping, playing, and of course some Sprout.2010.12.25 Christmas_2

The meal was one of the best ones thus far.  We had prime rib which was much easier to prepare than a large turkey.  After dinner we opened presents, but not before Sandy told the Christmas story to the kids.

2010.12.25 Christmas_3

2010.12.25 Christmas_4

I think the indestructible crèche was my favorite part.  Seemed as though Ethan and Bennett really liked it.

2010.12.25 Christmas_5 

Merry Christmas!

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