Friday, January 28, 2011

Army Crawl

Give your brother a hug

Exploring Owego, NY

So the pictures from our little mini trip to New York are pathetic.  Our main purpose for traveling to New York was to explore Owego, NY and the LockHeed Martin that resides there. 

Dinner at the airport.  The bloody mary was named the Weekender.  It was a meal in itself.


We flew in on Wednesday night.  First Class!  Supposed we could have asked a flight attendant to take a pic of us.


Drove to Scranton, PA to our hotel.  We made it to a great Sushi restaurant which was across the street from Farley’s for all The Office fans.  Wonder why Michael Scott never goes to the Suishi or Thai restaurant for his lunch break? Early in the am (3am) I woke up sick so we were off to a rough start.  So after escaping an Urgent Care visit we managed to drive to Owego with no bathroom stops!  We spent a lot of time talking to HR and Brett’s potential boss’s boss.  They were great!  The plant was also huge and pretty impressive in comparison to Eagan.  I got lost in the engineer conversation after the word helicopter, but I got to see a huge plane because they weren’t doing any top secret work on it at the moment.  On our way back to Scranton we drove through Vestal which is the city that most people live in.  It pretty much looked like Eagan.  That night we had Thai, met a nice bartender named Bob who let us take pictures on the bar,


and played some video games.  I beat Brett a few times!  Go Red!


Scranton was nice. 

New York City was exciting!!  We went to Avenue Q, ate at a great Cuban restaurant, and stayed at the Waldorf = Astoria.  Luckily no one was around when Brett slid down the banister.

DSCF1146 DSCF1149Home on Saturday to enjoy some time with the family.  Thanks to the “village” that took care of the children while we were away!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lockheed Layoffs/Transfers

Yesterday Brett received his letter from Lockheed.  His offer was to transfer to Owego, NY March 25th, 2011 otherwise that is his layoff day.

Decisions will need to be made quick!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We built a fort

Over the holidays I built a fort for the boys in the living room.  I have a lot of experience in fort building from my babysitting days.





Looks like Aunt Izzy had a good time too!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Vacuuming can be a challenge now

This is for real.  This happens to me every time I try to vacuum.  Even when they are upstairs and they hear the vacuum turn on they run downstairs to pull on the cord.  I try to go as fast as I can.  Hope you don’t judge me for yanking my kids to the floor and I did back up in to Ethan in one instance.  Oops!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new project for 2011– leg warmers!

Since the girls I have gotten into what people refer to as baby leg warmers or baby legs.  I have found a lot of cool designs, including the football ones from the name brand line of Baby Legs, but these leg accessories were priced anywhere from $8-$20.  When you multiply that by two it is a hefty amount to pay.  I found lots of tutorial’s on line about making my own and I did it.  (thanks for the help mom!)  I have made the most common design with a cuff, but also crocheted a fringe into another set that I gifted to a friend.  Hopefully picture to come of that one.  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.  I needed a way to save a little money yet have the luxury of having something fun for them to wear. I have got some skills so I gave it a go!   The more I have been using them the more I love them.  Diaper changes are way easier when you don’t have to shimmy pants off and back on their chubby legs. 

The first picture below is with one of the girls wearing the set of leg warmers I made and the other one wearing a store purchased pair. 

Can you guess what ones I made?


This morning seemed like a good time to finish up more of these warmers.  The girls are wearing them today!!


Place your orders!!

Basement Construction Update Three

Come on admit it…you didn’t think it could be done.  We got the kitchenette done minus a few tiles and touches.  We used the basement for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years!  The sink even works.  Nice job Brett!  We ordered the tile for the backsplash today.