Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

So I don’t have that many pictures from Thanksgiving and I am not going to write about the multitude of deserts, happy chicken, or stuffing that took 5 hours to prepare.  This year was the year of the stomach flu!  The Lamon Scott family went to Lanesboro to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Lamons.  The week started pretty rough for us.  The kids were sick with the stomach flu (AGAIN!) starting on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Brett even got it too.  Mom was up to help care for the kids that week.  By Wednesday everyone was doing much better.  Mom, the kids, and I went home on Wednesday.  By Thursday, Mom and I weren’t feeling the best.  Thursday night Samuel was throwing up in the basement, Simi was at Baker’s house throwing up, and Dade didn’t feel well either.  For some random reason Ethan and Bennett would not go to bed.  Brett and I had a plan to leave Lanesboro at 4am for Black Friday shopping with Colleen and Mandy.  Colleen arrived at my parent’s house at 4am to discover that Brett still hadn’t made it to bed and Dade was sick.  She took Dade home, Ethan and Bennett finally went down and Brett got to go to bed, but not before he made some Black Friday purchases on line.  The next morning (after I went to the bathroom with Samuel sleeping on the bathroom floor) I discovered that Dad didn’t feel real good.  He had plans to go to the metrodome to watch the Lanesboro Burros football team in the playoffs.  He was driving two of his friends so he felt like he had to go.  Kelly sent her husband, Paul, with him just in case Dad got too sick and couldn’t drive.  They reported in from the game and Paul had proceeded to get sick too.  Colleen called the house and said the flu had found her as well.  So Dad and Paul made it through the game with a few visits to the bathroom, dad drove home because Paul was more sick and they had to stop off a few times, and Mom met them in the driveway when they pulled up so that she could drive their friends home.  They were sick enough that they decided to come directly home.  That night we also got word that Grandma Cookie got sick.

So here is the breakdown of the stomach flu epidemic in order of occurrence: Bennett, Aaliyah, Ethan, Jocelyn, Brett, Grandma Cheryl, MJ, Samuel, Dade, Simi, Grandpa Rick, Paul, Colleen, Grandma Cookie.  Those that beat the odds and dodged this bullet: Kelly, Faith, and Emilee.

Most people only bring home gifts for Christmas.  The Lamon Scott clan was feeling gracious this year. 

The cousins had a good time together.  Aunt Colleen even got them working on coloring.  She allowed Ethan and Bennett to participate too.  Faith and I made name placement tags.


Like always Dade was loving the babies.


I have a couple of videos to share and that is it.  There was a lot of people in my parents house and it was quite eventful!

Enter video caption here

Just to give you an idea of our family holiday!  Lots of action.  This was from the first night when everyone was healthy.

Enter video caption here

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