Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet girls, silly boys

The girls are growing.  We did an unofficial weigh in last week.  Aaliyah was 17.5 lbs and Jocelyn was 15 lbs.  When you pick them, you will notice the difference in weight.  It just doesn’t make sense because at the beginning Jocelyn was the big eater and gaining weight like crazy.  We had to call weigh ins to the doctor for Aaliyah for the first 2 weeks just to make sure she was gaining at a appropriate rate.  You would won’t believe it if you got a look at her shadow bracelets and thunder thighs.  She is deliciously chunky!  So advantage of Jocelyn’s lighter weight is that she could roll over earlier than Aaliyah.  Jocelyn was getting around in her crib every night.

The girls continue to be fabulous!  Aaliyah has a follow up PT appointment next week.  Today the boys are officially 20 months and the girls are 4 days away from 6 months.  They are not sitting up quite yet, but pretty close.  We took some family pictures last weekend.  Got some shots of the girls.  I attempted to sit them up and Aaliyah got a face full of hard wood floor at Annie’s house.  She was very unhappy!2010.10.21 Collage of Girls

So there I was taking pictures of my beautiful girls on Mommy’s Thursday.  The girls were looking especially sweet. 


And then somebody wanted to get in the lime light…




And then the other one joined in…


These boys are silly!  I really love their personalities.  They are cracking us up all the time.  They are talking a little bit and can sign many things.  They have started saying the words as they sign them too.  I’m looking forward to the day they talk or really talk back.  We are still doing antibiotics every other day and nebulizers before bedtime.  This routine will stay intact until at least the spring.  Channel 128 is our friend.  Love you Ethan and Bennett!

2010.10.21 Silly Boys

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