Monday, December 13, 2010


The boys are inventive with turning items into hats.  They started with colanders and have gone to Tupperware.  I swear they are the funniest kids.  All the time we hear them yapping and laughing in the house.  We have to go and see what they are laughing at.  Most of the time it is just them being them.  Other times it is a half full Dr. Pepper can they found on Brett’s nightstand and shook all over the carpet.  To punish Bennett I left the Dr. Pepper on his face till after dinner.  You never know what you will find when you go check on them.  I have gotten less trusting of their activity.  They are getting older and smarter.  Taller too!  They can reach many more items, open lots more drawers, and slither under cribs to see what may be there.  I have only caught them with my scissors or Brett’s screwdrivers a few times.  I know, we should be putting this stuff out of their reach.  The other day they found my scrapbooking brads and shook them all over the carpet (not to mention that Brett was within two feet of them).  Picking up brads in long carpet is like finding your contact on the bathroom floor.  I have a feeling this probably wont’ be the last time that I pick up after them. DSCF1019_hatsDSCF1035_Bennett Hat DSCF1032_Ethan Hat

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