Thursday, December 16, 2010

Basement Construction Update

The basement came to a halt when the girls were born this summer.  We did a few small things, but the floor was in and it was in a place that was functional.  R and R construction recently came up to start on the stairs.  A little progress was made.  Brett and I have slowly been working on the kitchenette.  Our nights basically went like this: dinner, to the basement to work, break at 7:30 to do bedtime, back to the basement to work till midnight.  We have broke some ground.  I asked some friends for some child assistance so we could work in the basement without taking breaks to retrieve more milk and wipe a butt.  Last night Megan came over and we made progress.  Tonight we have another friend coming to see if we can get the counter tops on.  Thank goodness for friends. 


Dad is coming up this weekend and we are going to work on the stairs again.  The hope is to have the kitchenette done by New Year’s.  I think we have a chance.

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