Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aaliyah’s Physical Therapy Update

Aaliyah saw her physical therapist, Elaine Walin, on Thursday.  Elaine says that she is making forward progress.  The flat spot is getting better, ear asymmetry improving, Molly1and less cheek sagging.  It is hard for me to see the changes since I see Aaliyah every day and I just notice that it isn’t even yet.  Jocelyn came with us to PT so she got a little play time as well.  This was the last week that Elaine’s student Nikki was going to be there.  Someday she will be a great PT.  On Monday we have an appointment at the craniofacial clinic at Children’s Hospital.  Aaliyah will get a follow up check up to make sure that nothing has changed or regressed.  The doctors were sure that she would only improve but not gotMolly8 worse.  We will have this last check and then we will see Elaine until Aaliyah can sit up and has good balance.   The way that the girls are going they should be sitting up within the next month.  Aaliyah continues to have strong head control.  She still prefers to sleep facing left on her back.  Jocelyn is all over her crib.  Typically in the mornings she is on her stomach in the corner.  If the appointment at the craniofacial clinic goes well and then we see Elaine 3 weeks later and Aaliyah can sit up we might be at the end of this journey.  Brett and I hope Molly7that she continues to have postive improvement and there won’t be a need for a craniocap.  It is looking more like that is the direction that we are headed.  The girls are amazing!  Aaliyah continues to be bigger than Jocelyn, but Jocelyn can get around.  Their hair is still red and yes that is Aaliyah sportin’ a Mohawk!Molly9     

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