Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vikings Fans Forever!


Finally we won a game!  Brett was tickled!  Maybe it was good that Childress got fired?  The girls seemed to be happy for the big W.  This is Jocelyn and Aaliyah’s normal attire for every Sunday.  They have football leggings to boot!





Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toes and Drool

On this day, Aaliyah found her toes.  She played with them for about 30 minutes as she soaked her shirt in drool.


Anybody Else Tired?

Jocelyn must have been really tired this day.


Indian Summer: October 2010

We have had a pretty tame fall.  These pictures were taken on October 9, 2010 so about a month before we saw the first snowfall.  This weekend we had a visit from the cousins Dade and Simeon along with Grandma and Grandpa Lamon.  We had a nice weekend and got to play outside a lot. 

Our neighbors pulled out a tupperware container filled with water.  The boys loved splashing around as you can see.  They were soaked!  Sometimes I find them splashing in the toilet bowl.  Needless to say they love water. 

2010.10.09 Indian Summer

2010.10.09 Indian Summer_2

Brett and Dade got to through around the football.  Grandma Cheryl got to do some sidewalk chalk with Ethan.  Grandpa had some quality time with Aaliyah.  And Simeon was an awesome big cousin by pushing the boys in their swing and reading them books before bedtime.  We even got to watch the game in the garage.

2010.10.09 Indian Summer_3

2010.10.09 Indian Summer_42010.10.09 Indian Summer_5

Lockheed Closing

Most have heard, but just in case last week we were notified that Lockheed decided to close their Eagan, Mn site which is where Brett has been employed for 9+ years.  Click here for the news article about
Lockheed Martin Closing Twin Cities Plant.

We don't know what next is in store for us but we are keeping an open mind.  I feel like when a door closes another one opens.  The options are finding a new position in the twin cities at a different company or taking a transfer offer to a different Lockheed site which are all out of state.  Eagan will not start any changes until the first quarter of next year.  

Keep us in our thoughts as we go through this time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colander Hats

The boys have learned how to say “hat”.  They found the colander’s and made their own hats.  I good thing about them being excited about saying hat is that they don’t hate hats anymore.  They will let me put one on and they will keep it on.  Thank goodness since the snow arrived.  Now if Ethan will just keep his socks and shoes on.        DSCF9188_collander hatsDSCF9179_BennettDSCF9180_ethanDSCF9185_collander hats2

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

It was a good idea until Bennett threw up in our bed.  Yes last weekend and week we had a touch of the stomach flu.  It started with Bennett leaving chunks of his waffle on our bed and ended later in the week after Jocelyn puked on my friend Jenny and then got over her 102 temperature 2 days later.  Leave it to sickness to arise when the husband is out of town and MJ is playing single mom.  We managed to get Jenny and Nanny Molly sick as well.  I knew my body was fighting off something because my glands felt like they were swollen to the size of golf balls.  Don’t be fooled by Bennett’s smile in the picture.  Things were churning in his stomach.



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zoo Boo 2010

DSCF9095Every year my friend Iz and her family throws a Zoo Boo party.  The Zoo Boo is held at Como Zoo in St. Paul, MN.  They set up a whimsical trail where we encountered pirates, forest friends, underwater adventures, princesses, 3 blind mice, superheroes, and much more.  Ethan and Bennett’s favorites were the daisy girls that so nicely held them for a picture.  Iz invites all her lady friends and their costumed children to gather at her parents home.  The house was full of diaper bags, sippy cups, toys, and energy.  I even had to wait my turn to go the bathroom.  3 year olds take a long time in the bathroom!  Before our departure we gathered everyone for a picture.  The picture is full of mom’s wrangling their children in, adjusting their costume heads, and trying to get them to look at the camera.  We were quite a site.  Pics 606

Then we unleashed the chaos by attempting to get a picture of just the kids in their Halloween attire.  I am happy to say that Ethan and Bennett stayed seated.  What are the chances of that?  Pics 612

We had a blast at Zoo Boo.  Ethan and Bennett got to do some unconventional trick or treating and meet some nice kids.  My favorite parts of the night were…

DSCF91021 . Ethan and Bennett experiencing the back of a DSCF9101police car the one and only time in their life.





Pics 5922. Having a delicious cupcake made by Iz.  She is creative!







DSCF90853. Being in the presence of great company that really understood what it meant to have children.  They didn’t care of my kids stole pizza from their kids plate or drank from someone else’s sippy cup, no body made comments about my double stroller or how I need a “special license” to drive it, I wasn’t the only one that pulled up in a van, nobody made a disgusting face when you gave your kid’s butt the sniff test, and best of all was that some of the girls took pity on the mom that had 2 kids running in opposite directions of her.  Thanks goodness we were not on a busy street. DSCF9086 DSCF9087

DSCF90984. I have a new friend and her name is Naomi!  Well I didn’t pick her, Bennett did.  In the first 10 minutes that we were there Bennett found a lap to sit in and stayed by her side.  She shared her crackers with him so who wouldn’t love her.  I  decided that if Bennett liked her then she must be special.  He was right!  I had an extra fun night getting to know Naomi who happens to be married to a past co-worker of Brett’s and knows a few other people from Lockheed.  Small world.  Naomi, sorry the picture isn’t that good.  If I realized your eyes were closed I would have taken another one.  



Thanks for the great night!

Where is your…

Bennett is so smart!  Look at all the body parts that he can identify!

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Here are the boys and Brett stacking Christmas cookie cutters into towers and pushing them over.  Pretty funny!  That laugh is contagious!

Monday, November 8, 2010


They will share a car someday so this was good practice.  Better get use to it boys. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aaliyah’s Physical Therapy Update

Aaliyah saw her physical therapist, Elaine Walin, on Thursday.  Elaine says that she is making forward progress.  The flat spot is getting better, ear asymmetry improving, Molly1and less cheek sagging.  It is hard for me to see the changes since I see Aaliyah every day and I just notice that it isn’t even yet.  Jocelyn came with us to PT so she got a little play time as well.  This was the last week that Elaine’s student Nikki was going to be there.  Someday she will be a great PT.  On Monday we have an appointment at the craniofacial clinic at Children’s Hospital.  Aaliyah will get a follow up check up to make sure that nothing has changed or regressed.  The doctors were sure that she would only improve but not gotMolly8 worse.  We will have this last check and then we will see Elaine until Aaliyah can sit up and has good balance.   The way that the girls are going they should be sitting up within the next month.  Aaliyah continues to have strong head control.  She still prefers to sleep facing left on her back.  Jocelyn is all over her crib.  Typically in the mornings she is on her stomach in the corner.  If the appointment at the craniofacial clinic goes well and then we see Elaine 3 weeks later and Aaliyah can sit up we might be at the end of this journey.  Brett and I hope Molly7that she continues to have postive improvement and there won’t be a need for a craniocap.  It is looking more like that is the direction that we are headed.  The girls are amazing!  Aaliyah continues to be bigger than Jocelyn, but Jocelyn can get around.  Their hair is still red and yes that is Aaliyah sportin’ a Mohawk!Molly9     

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday is my day off from work…what a joke!

Thursday Schedule
I actually had a really good day.  Things went right so I am convinced the world took mercy on me and made it manageable.  I am happy that it is all over though. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reading Chair

I have always thought Ethan was the clown, however, Bennett does do some funny things that make me laugh.  Right after the girls were born their Uncle Brian snapped this funny photo of the boys testing out their old swings.DSCF9018

More recently, on two separate occasions I found Bennett climbing into the swing to settle in with a good book.  The  boys really like books.  We could spend hours reading them together.  We have the First Words book and they can identify and point at a lot of the pictures.  They love to point out the balls, say quack quack when they see the duck, and make a fishy face when I ask them to find the fish.