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Purple Ride: September 19, 2010

DSC_1820_Brett done

This year Brett rode in the 2010 Twin Cities Purple Ride.  Brett was part of one of the top fundraising teams, PRIMOtherapy.  PurpleRide Twin Cities is a fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and a day of family fun. They had the option of riding 8-, 25-, or 50-miles.  This year Brett and his mom rode 25 miles.  The bike routes were at Elm Creek Regional Park in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Those than rode and were able to raise money for the fight against pancreatic cancer, the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States. At the end of the bike ride, there was live music, many family activities, and closing ceremonies celebrating the sponsors, donors, fundraisers and pancreatic cancer survivors.



I was able to attend of course with the family.  I solicited help from Papa Bruce and when we got there thank goodness for family.  I had my hands full.  Ron, Aunt Carol, and Peggy were my reinforcements.  Peggy’s husband Tim also rode this year. 

2010.09.19 Thank goodness for familyjpg

The the story goes like this…Tim (Brett’s uncle) has a long time friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Tim experienced a serious heart health complication this summer and wasn’t going to be able to ride.  So Sandy was going to ride in Tim’s place.  Brett and I had plans for a twins game the day of the ride, but those plans fell through so Brett joined the PRIMOtherapy team.  And luckily Tim got a go ahead from his doctor to ride so they all got to ride TOGETHER along side of Tim’s friend!

2010.09.19 Team Pics

Sandy and Brett finished together!  Ethan and Bennett waited at the finish line with me.  They got to see their Daddy and Nana cross the line.

2010.09.10 Brett and Sandy Crossing Finish Line

Here are the best family pics.  The kids were very crabby by the end of the day.  Ethan and Bennett appreciated the free space to roam and run.  I could of used a set of eyes in the back of my head.

2010.09.19 Family Pics

And lastly, the Scott’s…thanks Bruce for making it possible for us to be there for Brett.  We had a blast.  On the way home Brett and I were already making plans of us to ride together next year.  We have a burley so maybe the boys will come too.

All Scotts

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