Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing…Less Than Pair-Fect

Maybe you didn’t care, but I had a huge weight taken off my shoulders when I wrote my “coming clean” blog.  Since that, I have had a friend that sent me an article about killing the “super mom” theory.  Others gave me high fives and thanked me for a good laugh.  While others felt their own relief hearing someone admit something that they have done in their own life.  The comments were hilarious and the support was appreciated.

So I have decided to share with you my less than pair-fect moments as they come up.  I have so many so I will just share the disgusting, ridiculous, awkward, and most embarrassing ones.

I will just give you a few small ones today…

ltpf #1 I was scratching my nose and realized that my hands smelled like the dirty diaper that I had changed about 45 minutes ago.

ltpf #2 I like that my kids go to KPT on Thursday mornings so that I can leave the food network channel on without feeling guilty about the TV warping Ethan and Bennett’s brain.  Have you seen how much cleavage Giada has?

ltpf #3 Last week I couldn’t find what level I parked my car on.  I got into the elevator with a very nice older gentleman.  I stared at the buttons and he offered to help me.  This guy was easily 30 years older than me and he managed to remember his parking level.  What was wrong with me.  I told him that I couldn’t remember what level I was on.  He got off on 3rd so I I got off on 4th because I typically park on 3rd or 4th and I didn’t want to be on this guys heels searching for my car.  My car was not on 4th.  So I ran down the stairs to level 3.  Not there.  Maybe I was on 4th?  I went back up the stairs to find my MDX staring me straight in the face.  Whew!  Wait, why is my key fob not opening the the door?  Wait I have leather interior and this car doesn’t.  Wait, I drove the van today.  I look like I am breaking into this car.  Is anyone looking?  I must be on another level.  Yup, up the stairs to level 5 and there was the mini van, not the MDX.  Now I remember, because I had parked it really close to a red car and the thought of door dings crossed my mind.  I actually said that like I cared about the van.  Ha!  Exiting the parking ramp had to take at least an extra 10 minutes that day.

So below is a ring battle between Ethan and Bennett.  They are not always pair-fect either.  You are probably wondering why am I shooting photos when I should be intervening.  I figure that with the amount of children in our house there is not always going to be a parent to mediate so it is best they learn how to figure things out on their own now.  Sometimes that can be a problem (see bottom picture).

DSC_1925_ring battleDSC_1928_ring battle2

DSC_1930_ring battle3DSC_1931_ring battle4

DSC_1932_ring battle5DSC_1946_tongues


Yup, we have a biter on our hands.  This would be Ethan’s back with beautiful replicas of Bennett’s 6 teeth.  We saw him do it a few times and then we would take off Ethan’s shirt and discover times that we didn’t see.  We had a break from biting, but I witnessed another one just last week. Ethan has learned how to bite too, but just doesn’t do it often.  I have only been bitten once and that was when I was comforting Bennett from a fall.  As long as they only bite each other we won’t get kicked out of daycare.  I hope this is just a phase.


Jen said...

your boys(all the kids actually) are super cute and yes the biting is a phase as you already know : ) Our boys did it as well!!! They are 2.5 now and Slowly it is disappearing!! : ) Wishing you all ALL the best!!!! Take care!!!

Jessica Thomas said...

This makes me laugh because I could always tell who-bit-who by the marks left...the # of teeth and the 'crooked' marks of one.
Now they're almost 4 and almost 3...all done with biting. Don't worry!