Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House of Germs: 2010 Report

So it seems as though once a year we are going to encounter a tornado of sickness that makes it way through our home but not without hitting every single person.  We are the House of Germs.  Here is the report out for this years headache, snotty nose, scratchy throat, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and body chills sickness.

Brett - Well our superhero of the family managed to keep this years cold down to a two day stint of nursing his sore throat in bed.  He claims his untouchable immune system was created from his years in HS getting exposed to all types of sickness.

Bennett - The first of the boys that tends to start showing the signs.  He started falling apart on us last week.  Bennett has a sleep waking cough and the wheezing is in full force.  He falls to the floor and wines in pain.  There was a part of me that felt like he was over complaining until I got hit with this cold yesterday.

Ethan - Of course he is only a few days behind Bennett.  Once Bennett gets by the worse day then Ethan enters it.  We are doing neb treatments for both and did pick up the oral steroid.

Jocelyn - In her short 4 months of life this would be her second cold.  Seems as though she is following suit to Bennett and showing signs of a cold prior to her sister.  Jocelyn receives a couple of nose sucking sessions a day.  She is a fighter and cries like her brains are being sucked out.

Aaliyah - And following Ethan's MO of being a few days behind her sister.  Aaliyah has been sharing her yellow snot with us as well.  We have had a few coughing/pucking attacks.  Our carpet will never be the same.

And the mom, MJ - I was feeling it on Saturday, but was hopeful on Sunday that it would be a two day cold like Brett.  No dice!  Monday was tough as I managed through work and then yesterday is when I was interrupted with body aches and chills.  After feeling this I have felt horrible for the kiddos especially when I thought they were milking it.  Poor Bennett!  I have been hanging out in the old baby bunker (aka: my bed) trying to recover before we go into the weekend of busy.

Thank goodness for Super Nanny Molly.  She is holding down the fort so Brett can work and I can heal.  Thank god she is part of the family.  She loves me even when I go downstairs in my glasses, bed head, 2 days old clothes, and morning breath just looking for a snack.  Let's keep in mind that my family likes to share so we have so kindly shared this sickness with her as well.  Luckily she is recovering quickly.

So I think there is a lessen behind all of this....we have all we can handle!  In the fall of 2009 when the whole family was sick it was a reality check for Brett and I.  We were challenged to care for ourselves and our needy children.  We weren't sure that we should create again considering how hard the week was.  It was not by chance that we were already pregnant (we just didn't know) before we entered this week of cold/flu.  So again, I think it is no mistake that we are a house of germs the same week that Brett has his surgery scheduled.  I think this is a message....go through with the surgery, don't get pregnant!  This week just gives me more confidence that we have made the right decision.  Four and no more!  We are incredibly happy with our children!

Today, I am appreciating PTO!


Rachael Anne said...

you know this is still 2010, right? and last fall was 2009?

has your sickness transported you into a time warp reality?

hope you feel WAY better soon!


Bette said...

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.