Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Event 3: What did you do this summer?

This is my last post about the 2010 summer.  Eva, Dale, and their son, Coen came back to Minnesota for a visit.  They live in New Mexico which is where they are originally from.  I met Eva when I worked at Wells Fargo Mortgage.  Her and Dale where in Minnesota for Dale to finish school at the U of M.  We got 5 great years with them in MN, but then it was time for them to move on or really for Dale to get a real job.  We miss them all the time!  Despite the distance I have committed to stay close to them.  Last fall we took a trip out there for the Balloon Festival.  We have plans to go again in fall of 2011.  Yes, we are taking the whole family. 

So we had a week filled with fun events.  Here are the highlights….

1. Watching the three boys play together.  Hopefully they will be good buddies one day.

2. Hanging in the garage – you can see Dale utilizing our swing set up which allows him to keep his eye on the game.

Eva & Dale Visit_1

3. State Fair – yup, we did it!  It was busy and hard to get around with a double stroller but we had our corn dogs, cheese curds, and roasted corn.  There were a few runaway sessions, one poopy diaper changed in a stroller, and a huge spit up as we were waiting for Eva to return with a delicious funnel cake.  We got a lot of stares and a few times asked if the boys were triplets.  Brett made it through the merchandise building and the boys cried with fear when the parade went by.  Eva got to bring Coen to see the animals.  Too bad he slept through it all.

Eva & Dale_2Eva & Dale Visit_3

Eva & Dale Visit_4

4. Twins Game – this was a two attempt event.  We tried to scalp tickets on Sunday and quickly realized that it was a seller’s market.  The tickets were EXPENSIVE.  I heard as much as $300 for one ticket.  So we ended up grabbing lunch (delicious Rueben's) and then heading home.  Brett was able to buy tickets for the next days game off the internet.  So the next day we headed back to down town Minneapolis.  Coen, Bennett, and Ethan went with.  Girls stayed home with Papa.  It was the first time for Eva and Dale to be in Target field so pretty cool!  You will never believe this….we made it through the entire game.  I was convinced that we would be at inning 3 and kids would be itching to go.  We managed to keep them occupied with lots of hot dogs and milk.

Eva & Dale Visit_5


Eva & Dale Visit_6

Eva & Dale Visit_7

5. Party – we also had a lot of friends come over one night for a bbq and party.  It was nice to have friends from MN there to remind Eva and Dale how we miss them.

Looking forward to Fall of 2011!!


Jenny said...

That picture of Bennett and the ear of corn is a classic!

Jen Czech said...

You forgot to mention that a highlight of the Twins game was that you got to see me twice :)