Thursday, October 21, 2010

Event 2: What did you do this summer?

Our second Lamon family vacation brought us to beautiful Hill Lake in Hill City, MN.

Highlights on the lake…

1. Boating/Water Sports – the weather held up for plenty of wakeboarding, tubing, waterskiing and boating.  Dade and Samuel were great at the tube.  They got lots of air and Samuel never fell off.  He has a tight grip and I am sure some day he will get carpel tunnel from it.  Dade also used my board to learn how to wakeboard.  Brett was able to get him up pretty quick.

Lamon Vacation_Tubing

Lamon Vacation_Dade

2. Baseball – we had a few games on the field.  I hate to admit, but I have actually lost some of my sports coordination skills.  I’ll have to get those back pretty quick to play with the boys.  I have already been practicing some kick ball with the neighbor kids.  I sometimes wonder after I get them out if I should of let them get the run to be nice.  Nah, they need to learn how to lose too.

Lamon Vacation_Outside Activities

3. Beach Play – Ethan and Bennett had a blast with this.  The first morning was the best.  Bennett woke up whining.  Brett and I kept sleeping but finally Kelly felt bad enough for him and grabbed him from the pack and play.  It couldn’t of been more than 5 minutes later and Ethan woke up.  Brett got him out of his pack and play, put a diaper in his hands, opened the room door and let him out into the hallway.  We were sure that somebody in the living room would show pity on him.  Colleen took the boys out to the beach in pj’s.  We were on vacation!!  They played with their cousins which mostly consisted of the bigger kids making castles and Ethan and Bennett stomping on them.  They had more days of sand play during the week.


Lamon Vacation_Beach Time

Lamon Vacation_Beach Time2

4. Inside Activities – Yo Yo’s, Cookies, WII – Grandma Cheryl and Grandma Cookie worked on making Yo Yo’s for the kids.  They made one into a headband for Faith.  Paul could be found nightly baking up a storm in the kitchen.  Those were some delicious cookies.  And of course Dade brought some video entertainment.

5. Chinese Buffet – we had our annual outing to Grand Rapids were Grandma Cookie treated us to her meal.  The buffet was yummy!

Lamon Vacation_Inside Activities

6. Trips to the grocery store – Dad believes in supporting the local economy so we purchase the majority of our groceries at the overpriced, but convenient local grocery market.  I think that Dad went down there 5 times in one night retrieving requests.

7. Twins game at the Blue Moon – in addition to our annual trip to the Chinese Buffet we also made it to the Blue Moon for the Twins Game and a blooming onion.  The same waitress as last year was still there.  She said she remembered us, but I don’t know that I believe her, however, I have a feeling she will remember us next year.

8. Memory Making – with pictures of course.  Wanted to get one with all the grandkids.  I’ll let you decide on the worst – wait I mean best one!  (notice where Samuel and Emilee’s hands landed to keep Bennett in line)

Lamon Vacation_grandkids

9. Neb Treatments – so we remembered the nebulizer and medicine, just forgot the mask and tubing.  Luckily Colleen has been down this road with Simeon so she called the Grand Rapids hospital with her kind voice and asked to retrieve one.  They gave us two!!  At this time the boys were still not digging the neb treatments so instead of everyone listening to them scream we drowned them out with everyone singing Old MacDonald in chorus.  Could of used the Lamon choir at our house during nightly neb treatments recently.

10. Grandma Cookie – We continue to be fortunate with the presence of our grandmother.  God has granted us the privilege to have her join us for this summer’s family vacation.  Grandma is continues to be our inspiration.  She crafted with the kids, held babies a lot, and snored a little.  She made it out to the beach and joined us for a few pontoon boat rides.  Grandma always brings the coffee pot and this year she even used the computer.  See the picture for proof!

Lamon Vacation_Grandma

Everyone loves Grandma Cookie!  Especially all her great grand kids and really who won’t.  She is one talented lady!  Love you Gma!

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