Thursday, October 21, 2010

Event 1: What did you do this summer?

We had a highly active summer this year.  Adding two kids to the mix didn’t slow us down a bit.  We managed to go to both of our families vacations, hosted family at our home for a reunion, few trips to Lanesboro, had our friends Eva & Dale from New Mexico stayed with us on a MN visit, and much more.  I am a little behind in getting these posts up but now when I post them in a row it will make us look like super heroes.  I will sum them up with just the highlights of each event.

First up is the Scott Vacation in Duluth, MN 


The main accomplishment of this trip was that we all made it and fit into the van.  Here is a picture of the valet cart with all our stuff.  Amazing that we only needed one, well we could of used a second one to get the kids up to the room.  Things I remember from this packing trip was that it was tough to pack for 6 people.  Brett did pack his own bag, but I covered the rest.  I was bound to over pack or under pack but there was no chance I was getting this one right on.  We borrowed a pack and play from my sister so we had 3.  One for Ethan, one for Bennett, and the girls were still able to share one.  The family all stayed in one suite but they were so nice to give us the large room.  Izzy slept with her mom, Brian’s family in another room, and poor Addison (Izzy’s boyfriend) got a cot on the floor of the sauna room.  His skin never looked so good!

Trip Highlights…

1. Boat ride – fun activity for the whole family.  They had us at “kids are free”.  Lost of the pictures of Duluth are from the boat ride.

2. Popcorn – every night Sandy would pick up popcorn from the popcorn stand in canal park.  It was delicious and gone within minutes.2010 Duluth_1

3. Visiting with Cousin Heidi – we actually got babysitters one night and went over to Sandy’s cousin’s house to have a social night.  Heidi has a very cute house in Duluth.

4. Gooseberry Falls – if Brett and I had realized how stroller unfriendly this place was we may have opted out.  We spent more time traveling to and from there than we did looking at the falls.  We managed to make it to one part of the falls and get a family picture.  I could feel frustration bubbling so I demanded a family picture before I grabbed all my family by the ears and drug them back to the van.  Using your mother in law as a back rest while you nurse on the ground can be challenging.

2010 Duluth_4 Goose Berry Falls

5.  Swimming Pool – the boys were not really big fans of the pool.  Bennett seemed to warm up to it, but Ethan was hesitant.  We let them put their feet in the whirlpool and I think they would have jumped off the side if we let them.  They really like baths at home.  Seriously, I have to mops off the walls when they are done splashing.  So we thought they would really like the pool.  Since they enjoyed the whirlpool so much we were thinking that their interest had to do with water temp.  Who knows? 

6. Family meals – we had a suite with a full size kitchen so we made our own meals.  It was nice to cook together and eat as a family.  The dining room fit us all better than any of our houses does. 

2010 Duluth_2

7. Ice cream shop – um, delicious!

8. Walks – I really enjoy walking down the canal park boardwalk.  There is always a lot to see and some good people walking.  I got to spend part of one of my walks with my little sister Izzy and her boyfriend Addison.  It was nice to “get to know” him better!  My version of getting to know someone usually has to do with a bright light, intimidation, and shooting off questions faster than a person can answer them.  Love ya Addison!

2010 Duluth_3

9. Mall – one day it rained and luckily Brett forgot his contacts so we sent to the mall to get some more that rainy day.  Ever tried to get 4 kids out of the van as quickly as possible in the rain.  Quick is not in this families vocabulary.  We were wet.

10. Siblings Night Out – Regardless of the late night recovery, this night will always be special.  This year Addison has been added to the family and we don’t get to see Izzy that much.  The opportunity for the siblings to hang out meant a lot.  When kids are around conversation changes and so we were able to let loose and enjoy each other.  The boys got to play darts and talk boys stuff (maybe cars, tools, or how much they love their girls?) and the girls laughed at the table and let their guards down.  Sometimes it feels good to talk about the realities of life and know those around you will still love you.  I appreciate my siblings and how much they care for each other.

So as you can see a very successful family vacation.  We arrived with 4 children and returned with 4 children. 

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