Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ethan and Bennett 18 Months Old!

Ethan and Bennett are a year and a half old!  Amazing!  They had their well child check ups last week.  Here are the stats:

Ethan Lamon Scott
Weight: 23lb 2 oz - 15%
Length: 33 inches - 70%
Head: 18.5 inches - 25%

Bennett Lamon Scott
Weight: 22lb 8oz - 10%
Length: 32.75 inches - 65%
Head: 18 inches - 5%

Cool things the boys are doing right now:

~Pointing...they are learning to point at things they want.

~Closing doors and cupboards for time Ethan closed the basement door when Bennett was still coming up the steps.  I heard a cry from behind the door.

~They know what TV is...ever night when they get their neb treatment we watch the Sprout channel.  The other day I was in the girls room and Bennett came in and wanted to sit on my lap.  He grabbed the remote from the window sill and put it in my hand.  Guess you know what we did for the next 15 minutes.  Yup, Sesame Street!

~The boys can make animal noises...their favorites are a wolf (awoooo), monkey (ah ah ah), lion (roar), and train (ok it isn't an animal, but it is cute to hear them say "choo choo").

~Body Parts....every since they got ear tubes they have learned a lot more of their body parts.  We have been trying to teach these to them for a long time and the only one they ever could get was hair.  Now they can identify many more on command: hair, head, ear, mouth, tummy, bellybutton, knee, toe.

~Signing....we have been signing with them for a while, but this communication method has also taken off.  The boys can sign all done, more, milk, water, please.  Next I am going to teach them different and toy.

~The boys can retrieve things...this is hit or miss but the other day I asked Bennett to get a blanket.  There was a blanket on the floor next to Aaliyah on a boppy.  Aaliyah also had a blanket on top of her propping her bottle (yup, I do it.).  He yanked the blanket off Aaliyah and brought it over to me.  So he did get a blanket just not the one that I was thinking of.  They can also put their dirty diapers in the diaper pail.  About time they start cleaning up after themselves.  

~Throwing...we have noticed that the boys are good ball throwers, especially Ethan.  They overhand throw and it is amazing at how far it goes.  My bet is on Ethan being a quarterback someday.

~Puzzles and shape sorter...not every time can they get the piece into the hole, but they are trying.  They at least understand that the pieces are supposed to go there.  I saw the shape sorter on the floor one day with three shapes balanced on top of the three holes.  It wasn't the right shape to go in the hole, but Bennett tried to get a block into each one.

~Little People Blocks...we have a few sets of this larger leggo like blocks and the boys can build with them.

 It has been really fun to see these boys develop and take off!  They still are not talking, but they are not behind.  Most likely they will talk late because they are twins.  They have some type of babble language that the two of them understand so I guess that don't really care to learn the English language to talk to the rest of the world.  Man I love these guys!

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The Bormann Family said...

we started watching sprout during our neb days too. I don't think we would have ever made it through it without! Our boys took a while to start talking a lot, probably 20-21 months they started talking a lot. Now they just repeat everything.