Friday, October 15, 2010

Aaliyah & Jocelyn 4 months old!

Aaliyah Lamon Scott                                 Jocelyn Lamon Scott

Weight: 15lb 1oz – 80%                           Weight: 13lb 8oz – 50%

Length: 25.5 inches – 90%                      Length: 24.25 inches – 50%

Head: 16.25 – 55%                                     Head: 16 inches – 45% 

2010.09.30 4 Months Old

The girls are doing well as you can see by the pictures.  Aaliyah is keeping ahead on weight.  We were so impressed to finally have a child hit the 80 and 90 percentiles.  Guess that is what an extra week in the womb can do.  The boys are doing really well with their sisters.  Aside from the occasional airborne toy or nuk thief they get a long really well.  We took down the fence several weeks ago.  I have gotten to the point where I feel comfortable putting the girls on the floor next to the boys.  It is fun to watch the boys inch around them so they don’t step on the babies head.  At their 4 month appointment they got their immunizations – barely cried!  They are tough just like E and B.  That is a good thing so when their older brothers are beating on them they will fight back. 2010.09.30 4 Months Old2

Fun things that the girls are doing…

~lots of tummy time~~Jocelyn is rolling all around and Aaliyah has started rolling too~~thumb sucking~~eating~~pooping~~sitting in the Bumbo~~hanging out in the garage with their brothers~~being cute!

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