Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bruce’s Halloween Surprise

This year for Halloween Bruce’s co-workers dressed up for him.  Each of them were one of his grandchildren.  Very sweet!

All Staff 102910 002

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing…Less Than Pair-Fect

Maybe you didn’t care, but I had a huge weight taken off my shoulders when I wrote my “coming clean” blog.  Since that, I have had a friend that sent me an article about killing the “super mom” theory.  Others gave me high fives and thanked me for a good laugh.  While others felt their own relief hearing someone admit something that they have done in their own life.  The comments were hilarious and the support was appreciated.

So I have decided to share with you my less than pair-fect moments as they come up.  I have so many so I will just share the disgusting, ridiculous, awkward, and most embarrassing ones.

I will just give you a few small ones today…

ltpf #1 I was scratching my nose and realized that my hands smelled like the dirty diaper that I had changed about 45 minutes ago.

ltpf #2 I like that my kids go to KPT on Thursday mornings so that I can leave the food network channel on without feeling guilty about the TV warping Ethan and Bennett’s brain.  Have you seen how much cleavage Giada has?

ltpf #3 Last week I couldn’t find what level I parked my car on.  I got into the elevator with a very nice older gentleman.  I stared at the buttons and he offered to help me.  This guy was easily 30 years older than me and he managed to remember his parking level.  What was wrong with me.  I told him that I couldn’t remember what level I was on.  He got off on 3rd so I I got off on 4th because I typically park on 3rd or 4th and I didn’t want to be on this guys heels searching for my car.  My car was not on 4th.  So I ran down the stairs to level 3.  Not there.  Maybe I was on 4th?  I went back up the stairs to find my MDX staring me straight in the face.  Whew!  Wait, why is my key fob not opening the the door?  Wait I have leather interior and this car doesn’t.  Wait, I drove the van today.  I look like I am breaking into this car.  Is anyone looking?  I must be on another level.  Yup, up the stairs to level 5 and there was the mini van, not the MDX.  Now I remember, because I had parked it really close to a red car and the thought of door dings crossed my mind.  I actually said that like I cared about the van.  Ha!  Exiting the parking ramp had to take at least an extra 10 minutes that day.

So below is a ring battle between Ethan and Bennett.  They are not always pair-fect either.  You are probably wondering why am I shooting photos when I should be intervening.  I figure that with the amount of children in our house there is not always going to be a parent to mediate so it is best they learn how to figure things out on their own now.  Sometimes that can be a problem (see bottom picture).

DSC_1925_ring battleDSC_1928_ring battle2

DSC_1930_ring battle3DSC_1931_ring battle4

DSC_1932_ring battle5DSC_1946_tongues


Yup, we have a biter on our hands.  This would be Ethan’s back with beautiful replicas of Bennett’s 6 teeth.  We saw him do it a few times and then we would take off Ethan’s shirt and discover times that we didn’t see.  We had a break from biting, but I witnessed another one just last week. Ethan has learned how to bite too, but just doesn’t do it often.  I have only been bitten once and that was when I was comforting Bennett from a fall.  As long as they only bite each other we won’t get kicked out of daycare.  I hope this is just a phase.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Event 3: What did you do this summer?

This is my last post about the 2010 summer.  Eva, Dale, and their son, Coen came back to Minnesota for a visit.  They live in New Mexico which is where they are originally from.  I met Eva when I worked at Wells Fargo Mortgage.  Her and Dale where in Minnesota for Dale to finish school at the U of M.  We got 5 great years with them in MN, but then it was time for them to move on or really for Dale to get a real job.  We miss them all the time!  Despite the distance I have committed to stay close to them.  Last fall we took a trip out there for the Balloon Festival.  We have plans to go again in fall of 2011.  Yes, we are taking the whole family. 

So we had a week filled with fun events.  Here are the highlights….

1. Watching the three boys play together.  Hopefully they will be good buddies one day.

2. Hanging in the garage – you can see Dale utilizing our swing set up which allows him to keep his eye on the game.

Eva & Dale Visit_1

3. State Fair – yup, we did it!  It was busy and hard to get around with a double stroller but we had our corn dogs, cheese curds, and roasted corn.  There were a few runaway sessions, one poopy diaper changed in a stroller, and a huge spit up as we were waiting for Eva to return with a delicious funnel cake.  We got a lot of stares and a few times asked if the boys were triplets.  Brett made it through the merchandise building and the boys cried with fear when the parade went by.  Eva got to bring Coen to see the animals.  Too bad he slept through it all.

Eva & Dale_2Eva & Dale Visit_3

Eva & Dale Visit_4

4. Twins Game – this was a two attempt event.  We tried to scalp tickets on Sunday and quickly realized that it was a seller’s market.  The tickets were EXPENSIVE.  I heard as much as $300 for one ticket.  So we ended up grabbing lunch (delicious Rueben's) and then heading home.  Brett was able to buy tickets for the next days game off the internet.  So the next day we headed back to down town Minneapolis.  Coen, Bennett, and Ethan went with.  Girls stayed home with Papa.  It was the first time for Eva and Dale to be in Target field so pretty cool!  You will never believe this….we made it through the entire game.  I was convinced that we would be at inning 3 and kids would be itching to go.  We managed to keep them occupied with lots of hot dogs and milk.

Eva & Dale Visit_5


Eva & Dale Visit_6

Eva & Dale Visit_7

5. Party – we also had a lot of friends come over one night for a bbq and party.  It was nice to have friends from MN there to remind Eva and Dale how we miss them.

Looking forward to Fall of 2011!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Event 2: What did you do this summer?

Our second Lamon family vacation brought us to beautiful Hill Lake in Hill City, MN.

Highlights on the lake…

1. Boating/Water Sports – the weather held up for plenty of wakeboarding, tubing, waterskiing and boating.  Dade and Samuel were great at the tube.  They got lots of air and Samuel never fell off.  He has a tight grip and I am sure some day he will get carpel tunnel from it.  Dade also used my board to learn how to wakeboard.  Brett was able to get him up pretty quick.

Lamon Vacation_Tubing

Lamon Vacation_Dade

2. Baseball – we had a few games on the field.  I hate to admit, but I have actually lost some of my sports coordination skills.  I’ll have to get those back pretty quick to play with the boys.  I have already been practicing some kick ball with the neighbor kids.  I sometimes wonder after I get them out if I should of let them get the run to be nice.  Nah, they need to learn how to lose too.

Lamon Vacation_Outside Activities

3. Beach Play – Ethan and Bennett had a blast with this.  The first morning was the best.  Bennett woke up whining.  Brett and I kept sleeping but finally Kelly felt bad enough for him and grabbed him from the pack and play.  It couldn’t of been more than 5 minutes later and Ethan woke up.  Brett got him out of his pack and play, put a diaper in his hands, opened the room door and let him out into the hallway.  We were sure that somebody in the living room would show pity on him.  Colleen took the boys out to the beach in pj’s.  We were on vacation!!  They played with their cousins which mostly consisted of the bigger kids making castles and Ethan and Bennett stomping on them.  They had more days of sand play during the week.


Lamon Vacation_Beach Time

Lamon Vacation_Beach Time2

4. Inside Activities – Yo Yo’s, Cookies, WII – Grandma Cheryl and Grandma Cookie worked on making Yo Yo’s for the kids.  They made one into a headband for Faith.  Paul could be found nightly baking up a storm in the kitchen.  Those were some delicious cookies.  And of course Dade brought some video entertainment.

5. Chinese Buffet – we had our annual outing to Grand Rapids were Grandma Cookie treated us to her meal.  The buffet was yummy!

Lamon Vacation_Inside Activities

6. Trips to the grocery store – Dad believes in supporting the local economy so we purchase the majority of our groceries at the overpriced, but convenient local grocery market.  I think that Dad went down there 5 times in one night retrieving requests.

7. Twins game at the Blue Moon – in addition to our annual trip to the Chinese Buffet we also made it to the Blue Moon for the Twins Game and a blooming onion.  The same waitress as last year was still there.  She said she remembered us, but I don’t know that I believe her, however, I have a feeling she will remember us next year.

8. Memory Making – with pictures of course.  Wanted to get one with all the grandkids.  I’ll let you decide on the worst – wait I mean best one!  (notice where Samuel and Emilee’s hands landed to keep Bennett in line)

Lamon Vacation_grandkids

9. Neb Treatments – so we remembered the nebulizer and medicine, just forgot the mask and tubing.  Luckily Colleen has been down this road with Simeon so she called the Grand Rapids hospital with her kind voice and asked to retrieve one.  They gave us two!!  At this time the boys were still not digging the neb treatments so instead of everyone listening to them scream we drowned them out with everyone singing Old MacDonald in chorus.  Could of used the Lamon choir at our house during nightly neb treatments recently.

10. Grandma Cookie – We continue to be fortunate with the presence of our grandmother.  God has granted us the privilege to have her join us for this summer’s family vacation.  Grandma is continues to be our inspiration.  She crafted with the kids, held babies a lot, and snored a little.  She made it out to the beach and joined us for a few pontoon boat rides.  Grandma always brings the coffee pot and this year she even used the computer.  See the picture for proof!

Lamon Vacation_Grandma

Everyone loves Grandma Cookie!  Especially all her great grand kids and really who won’t.  She is one talented lady!  Love you Gma!

Event 1: What did you do this summer?

We had a highly active summer this year.  Adding two kids to the mix didn’t slow us down a bit.  We managed to go to both of our families vacations, hosted family at our home for a reunion, few trips to Lanesboro, had our friends Eva & Dale from New Mexico stayed with us on a MN visit, and much more.  I am a little behind in getting these posts up but now when I post them in a row it will make us look like super heroes.  I will sum them up with just the highlights of each event.

First up is the Scott Vacation in Duluth, MN 


The main accomplishment of this trip was that we all made it and fit into the van.  Here is a picture of the valet cart with all our stuff.  Amazing that we only needed one, well we could of used a second one to get the kids up to the room.  Things I remember from this packing trip was that it was tough to pack for 6 people.  Brett did pack his own bag, but I covered the rest.  I was bound to over pack or under pack but there was no chance I was getting this one right on.  We borrowed a pack and play from my sister so we had 3.  One for Ethan, one for Bennett, and the girls were still able to share one.  The family all stayed in one suite but they were so nice to give us the large room.  Izzy slept with her mom, Brian’s family in another room, and poor Addison (Izzy’s boyfriend) got a cot on the floor of the sauna room.  His skin never looked so good!

Trip Highlights…

1. Boat ride – fun activity for the whole family.  They had us at “kids are free”.  Lost of the pictures of Duluth are from the boat ride.

2. Popcorn – every night Sandy would pick up popcorn from the popcorn stand in canal park.  It was delicious and gone within minutes.2010 Duluth_1

3. Visiting with Cousin Heidi – we actually got babysitters one night and went over to Sandy’s cousin’s house to have a social night.  Heidi has a very cute house in Duluth.

4. Gooseberry Falls – if Brett and I had realized how stroller unfriendly this place was we may have opted out.  We spent more time traveling to and from there than we did looking at the falls.  We managed to make it to one part of the falls and get a family picture.  I could feel frustration bubbling so I demanded a family picture before I grabbed all my family by the ears and drug them back to the van.  Using your mother in law as a back rest while you nurse on the ground can be challenging.

2010 Duluth_4 Goose Berry Falls

5.  Swimming Pool – the boys were not really big fans of the pool.  Bennett seemed to warm up to it, but Ethan was hesitant.  We let them put their feet in the whirlpool and I think they would have jumped off the side if we let them.  They really like baths at home.  Seriously, I have to mops off the walls when they are done splashing.  So we thought they would really like the pool.  Since they enjoyed the whirlpool so much we were thinking that their interest had to do with water temp.  Who knows? 

6. Family meals – we had a suite with a full size kitchen so we made our own meals.  It was nice to cook together and eat as a family.  The dining room fit us all better than any of our houses does. 

2010 Duluth_2

7. Ice cream shop – um, delicious!

8. Walks – I really enjoy walking down the canal park boardwalk.  There is always a lot to see and some good people walking.  I got to spend part of one of my walks with my little sister Izzy and her boyfriend Addison.  It was nice to “get to know” him better!  My version of getting to know someone usually has to do with a bright light, intimidation, and shooting off questions faster than a person can answer them.  Love ya Addison!

2010 Duluth_3

9. Mall – one day it rained and luckily Brett forgot his contacts so we sent to the mall to get some more that rainy day.  Ever tried to get 4 kids out of the van as quickly as possible in the rain.  Quick is not in this families vocabulary.  We were wet.

10. Siblings Night Out – Regardless of the late night recovery, this night will always be special.  This year Addison has been added to the family and we don’t get to see Izzy that much.  The opportunity for the siblings to hang out meant a lot.  When kids are around conversation changes and so we were able to let loose and enjoy each other.  The boys got to play darts and talk boys stuff (maybe cars, tools, or how much they love their girls?) and the girls laughed at the table and let their guards down.  Sometimes it feels good to talk about the realities of life and know those around you will still love you.  I appreciate my siblings and how much they care for each other.

So as you can see a very successful family vacation.  We arrived with 4 children and returned with 4 children. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Purple Ride: September 19, 2010

DSC_1820_Brett done

This year Brett rode in the 2010 Twin Cities Purple Ride.  Brett was part of one of the top fundraising teams, PRIMOtherapy.  PurpleRide Twin Cities is a fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and a day of family fun. They had the option of riding 8-, 25-, or 50-miles.  This year Brett and his mom rode 25 miles.  The bike routes were at Elm Creek Regional Park in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Those than rode and were able to raise money for the fight against pancreatic cancer, the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States. At the end of the bike ride, there was live music, many family activities, and closing ceremonies celebrating the sponsors, donors, fundraisers and pancreatic cancer survivors.



I was able to attend of course with the family.  I solicited help from Papa Bruce and when we got there thank goodness for family.  I had my hands full.  Ron, Aunt Carol, and Peggy were my reinforcements.  Peggy’s husband Tim also rode this year. 

2010.09.19 Thank goodness for familyjpg

The the story goes like this…Tim (Brett’s uncle) has a long time friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Tim experienced a serious heart health complication this summer and wasn’t going to be able to ride.  So Sandy was going to ride in Tim’s place.  Brett and I had plans for a twins game the day of the ride, but those plans fell through so Brett joined the PRIMOtherapy team.  And luckily Tim got a go ahead from his doctor to ride so they all got to ride TOGETHER along side of Tim’s friend!

2010.09.19 Team Pics

Sandy and Brett finished together!  Ethan and Bennett waited at the finish line with me.  They got to see their Daddy and Nana cross the line.

2010.09.10 Brett and Sandy Crossing Finish Line

Here are the best family pics.  The kids were very crabby by the end of the day.  Ethan and Bennett appreciated the free space to roam and run.  I could of used a set of eyes in the back of my head.

2010.09.19 Family Pics

And lastly, the Scott’s…thanks Bruce for making it possible for us to be there for Brett.  We had a blast.  On the way home Brett and I were already making plans of us to ride together next year.  We have a burley so maybe the boys will come too.

All Scotts

Friday, October 15, 2010

Aaliyah & Jocelyn 4 months old!

Aaliyah Lamon Scott                                 Jocelyn Lamon Scott

Weight: 15lb 1oz – 80%                           Weight: 13lb 8oz – 50%

Length: 25.5 inches – 90%                      Length: 24.25 inches – 50%

Head: 16.25 – 55%                                     Head: 16 inches – 45% 

2010.09.30 4 Months Old

The girls are doing well as you can see by the pictures.  Aaliyah is keeping ahead on weight.  We were so impressed to finally have a child hit the 80 and 90 percentiles.  Guess that is what an extra week in the womb can do.  The boys are doing really well with their sisters.  Aside from the occasional airborne toy or nuk thief they get a long really well.  We took down the fence several weeks ago.  I have gotten to the point where I feel comfortable putting the girls on the floor next to the boys.  It is fun to watch the boys inch around them so they don’t step on the babies head.  At their 4 month appointment they got their immunizations – barely cried!  They are tough just like E and B.  That is a good thing so when their older brothers are beating on them they will fight back. 2010.09.30 4 Months Old2

Fun things that the girls are doing…

~lots of tummy time~~Jocelyn is rolling all around and Aaliyah has started rolling too~~thumb sucking~~eating~~pooping~~sitting in the Bumbo~~hanging out in the garage with their brothers~~being cute!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ethan and Bennett 18 Months Old!

Ethan and Bennett are a year and a half old!  Amazing!  They had their well child check ups last week.  Here are the stats:

Ethan Lamon Scott
Weight: 23lb 2 oz - 15%
Length: 33 inches - 70%
Head: 18.5 inches - 25%

Bennett Lamon Scott
Weight: 22lb 8oz - 10%
Length: 32.75 inches - 65%
Head: 18 inches - 5%

Cool things the boys are doing right now:

~Pointing...they are learning to point at things they want.

~Closing doors and cupboards for time Ethan closed the basement door when Bennett was still coming up the steps.  I heard a cry from behind the door.

~They know what TV is...ever night when they get their neb treatment we watch the Sprout channel.  The other day I was in the girls room and Bennett came in and wanted to sit on my lap.  He grabbed the remote from the window sill and put it in my hand.  Guess you know what we did for the next 15 minutes.  Yup, Sesame Street!

~The boys can make animal noises...their favorites are a wolf (awoooo), monkey (ah ah ah), lion (roar), and train (ok it isn't an animal, but it is cute to hear them say "choo choo").

~Body Parts....every since they got ear tubes they have learned a lot more of their body parts.  We have been trying to teach these to them for a long time and the only one they ever could get was hair.  Now they can identify many more on command: hair, head, ear, mouth, tummy, bellybutton, knee, toe.

~Signing....we have been signing with them for a while, but this communication method has also taken off.  The boys can sign all done, more, milk, water, please.  Next I am going to teach them different and toy.

~The boys can retrieve things...this is hit or miss but the other day I asked Bennett to get a blanket.  There was a blanket on the floor next to Aaliyah on a boppy.  Aaliyah also had a blanket on top of her propping her bottle (yup, I do it.).  He yanked the blanket off Aaliyah and brought it over to me.  So he did get a blanket just not the one that I was thinking of.  They can also put their dirty diapers in the diaper pail.  About time they start cleaning up after themselves.  

~Throwing...we have noticed that the boys are good ball throwers, especially Ethan.  They overhand throw and it is amazing at how far it goes.  My bet is on Ethan being a quarterback someday.

~Puzzles and shape sorter...not every time can they get the piece into the hole, but they are trying.  They at least understand that the pieces are supposed to go there.  I saw the shape sorter on the floor one day with three shapes balanced on top of the three holes.  It wasn't the right shape to go in the hole, but Bennett tried to get a block into each one.

~Little People Blocks...we have a few sets of this larger leggo like blocks and the boys can build with them.

 It has been really fun to see these boys develop and take off!  They still are not talking, but they are not behind.  Most likely they will talk late because they are twins.  They have some type of babble language that the two of them understand so I guess that don't really care to learn the English language to talk to the rest of the world.  Man I love these guys!

Friday, October 8, 2010


In the spirit of working on silverware control I gave the boys some pudding to eat with their spoons.  They started with the spoons, but in the end both came up with their own methods.

Bennett decided to use his pudding as chip dip.  It got the job done.  Not sure how the parmesaen chip and vanicall pudding combineation tasted, but he didn't seem to mind.

When Ethan got tired of his spoon he decided to use his trusty fingers to eat his pudding.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House of Germs: 2010 Report

So it seems as though once a year we are going to encounter a tornado of sickness that makes it way through our home but not without hitting every single person.  We are the House of Germs.  Here is the report out for this years headache, snotty nose, scratchy throat, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and body chills sickness.

Brett - Well our superhero of the family managed to keep this years cold down to a two day stint of nursing his sore throat in bed.  He claims his untouchable immune system was created from his years in HS getting exposed to all types of sickness.

Bennett - The first of the boys that tends to start showing the signs.  He started falling apart on us last week.  Bennett has a sleep waking cough and the wheezing is in full force.  He falls to the floor and wines in pain.  There was a part of me that felt like he was over complaining until I got hit with this cold yesterday.

Ethan - Of course he is only a few days behind Bennett.  Once Bennett gets by the worse day then Ethan enters it.  We are doing neb treatments for both and did pick up the oral steroid.

Jocelyn - In her short 4 months of life this would be her second cold.  Seems as though she is following suit to Bennett and showing signs of a cold prior to her sister.  Jocelyn receives a couple of nose sucking sessions a day.  She is a fighter and cries like her brains are being sucked out.

Aaliyah - And following Ethan's MO of being a few days behind her sister.  Aaliyah has been sharing her yellow snot with us as well.  We have had a few coughing/pucking attacks.  Our carpet will never be the same.

And the mom, MJ - I was feeling it on Saturday, but was hopeful on Sunday that it would be a two day cold like Brett.  No dice!  Monday was tough as I managed through work and then yesterday is when I was interrupted with body aches and chills.  After feeling this I have felt horrible for the kiddos especially when I thought they were milking it.  Poor Bennett!  I have been hanging out in the old baby bunker (aka: my bed) trying to recover before we go into the weekend of busy.

Thank goodness for Super Nanny Molly.  She is holding down the fort so Brett can work and I can heal.  Thank god she is part of the family.  She loves me even when I go downstairs in my glasses, bed head, 2 days old clothes, and morning breath just looking for a snack.  Let's keep in mind that my family likes to share so we have so kindly shared this sickness with her as well.  Luckily she is recovering quickly.

So I think there is a lessen behind all of this....we have all we can handle!  In the fall of 2009 when the whole family was sick it was a reality check for Brett and I.  We were challenged to care for ourselves and our needy children.  We weren't sure that we should create again considering how hard the week was.  It was not by chance that we were already pregnant (we just didn't know) before we entered this week of cold/flu.  So again, I think it is no mistake that we are a house of germs the same week that Brett has his surgery scheduled.  I think this is a message....go through with the surgery, don't get pregnant!  This week just gives me more confidence that we have made the right decision.  Four and no more!  We are incredibly happy with our children!

Today, I am appreciating PTO!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Girls 3 Month Pics

 Here are my favorites of the girls 3 month pics.  Annie Torrini is an amazing photographer.  The white diaper covers came from our friends Kristin and Jim who live in Madison, WI.  
 Jocelyn is holding Brett's engineer ring that I wear as my wedding band.

 I made these diaper covers when I was on bed rest.  Pattern and supplies from Pine Needles Quilting Store.
The girls were a little fussy so they needed a time out to do some nuk sucking.
Ever wonder how we got some of those shots with the girls sitting up.  It was my friend Jenny Cook behind the blanket!