Thursday, September 16, 2010

RAW is a Mommy! Introducing Stella Maria!

Stella Maria is the daughter of my long time friend Rachael Anne. Stella was born in August and is a little peanut compared to my chunks. She is absolutely adorable and looks so much like her dad. I was lucky to be able to go visit them at their house a few weeks ago and later that same week they came down to meet Aaliyah and Jocelyn.A little bit about my best friend Rachael....

It was 1998 and both of us had graduated from high school the prior spring. We were on our way to the prestiges school of Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. Our only communication prior to this freshman move in day was a phone conversation which made me think that Rachael was a goth freak that wasn't excited about anything in life and Rachael thought I was a preppy chearleader with more energy than any person should be allowed. We thought our room mate match up was doomed, but little did we know that we were exactly what we needed. Rachael turned out to be a kind, funny, and very caring friend. I called her Rachael Anne Smart, because man she was smart!! Regardless of her hiding my bobby pins and scissors in places that don't need to be discussed and me dropping my used kleenexs and cutting my toe nails from my top bunk we loved each other! Football season brought us close and Jerry Springer and disco dance parties brought us closer! We were inseparable and even worked at the same after school daycare together. Kids' Kingdom was some good days. We took a few classes together, but pretty sure that Physics for Poets kicked my butt more than hers. Thank goodness I took it as a pass fail. Rachael and I made some unforgettable memories and even some we would like to forget. She was independent, strong, and not interested in ever changing her name. I thought I would get married, have children, and live happily ever after. Wow, look at us now. I remained a Lamon and she quickly changed her's to Warner. I guess it still keeps her initials RAW so I am ok with that.

RAW and I have remained great friends even after 12 years. We have not always been close, but were able to retain our long distance relationship. We don't have to talk every day or see each other on a regular basis to know that if we needed something that we would be there for each other. She is an amazing person always there to challenge me and lift me up when I need it most. Rachael of course is an outstanding mommy. She has a stellar partner and their daughter is one lucky little girl!
Best Friends!
Don't get jealous Stella. This just means Daddy is ready for a second baby.

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